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The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

The Mandalorian does a lot of callbacks and this time they did it in a nice little subtle way and it felt good. John Leguizamo playing Gor Koresh, he played this sleazy guy that planned to take out the Mandalorian reminded me of the clown from Spawn. Amy Sedaris cuddling the child (baby Yoda) saying “I'll buy it from you. I'm just playing unless you're gone do it.” Was a welcomed and enjoyable moment. I love her character and Ripley's hair in this show and hope to see more of her. There was a moment when she brought out an R5 and I'm thinking that's gotta be that same droid from 'A New Hope' which became a force-sensitive droid named skippy the Jedi droid.

Timothy Olyphant really fit in with Star Wars, his sarcasm and style the second I saw him take the helmet off I thought about all the roles, especially cowboy movies I've seen him in. His style really fits this show. It reminded me of a Han Solo type. I might be wrong about that all you major star wars hardcore fans out there you might be like 'you're out of your mind, no he sucked' but he can do action, he can do comedy, his wit, is his sarcasm that that passive-aggressive way he just cuts at people all worked for me, and it always does. There's not much I do not like him in. I loved every scene that he was in.

Tamarra Morrison is credited as Boba Fett, I assumed that his armor got taken away from him after Return of The Jedi when he fell into the Sarlacc pit. when he was on the road to recovering, evident from the wounds on his face, he must have ditched or somehow got separated from his armor and because of the fall of the Empire. It was probably a decision to keep a low profile since his reputation with the empire was extremely well known, plus wouldn't want Han Solo to find out you're still alive. At the end of the episode, with him turning his attentions to The Mandalorian, I assume he was probably on his way to kill Cobb and retrieve his armor, that or is just tracking the Mandalorian just because.

I had a good time with it this episode. It was excellent and everything that I was hoping it was going to be. Looking forward to this season. Please give us Yoda's home planet.


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