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Monkey Man*MAMAS BOY VENGENCE || Talking Through The Review

Monkey man, I'm going to tell you this right now. Guys, go see this movie. Monkey Man is the throuple amalgamation of The Dark Knight meets John Wick meets Slum Dog Millionaire. I don't know, that's the best I can describe. I mean, this is an amalgamation, this is a throuple. They had a baby, in this movie. This was Dev Patel's directorial debut. I swear to God, I mean, within the first 15 minutes, I felt like this dude is a, I wouldn't have been surprised if you had told me this was his 10th movie. The tone, the grittiness of it, the cinematographer, I know the camera angle, the choices that he, this dude has an eye. Him coming up from Slum Dog Millionaire to, what was that show he was on? Newsroom? That was a short-lived show on HBO, I believe it was called Newsroom. Even in his portrayal of the Avatar, The Last Airbender. I mean, you could tell that he studied. I'm telling you, for every project he was on, I would not be surprised if I were to hear that he latched himself to the director and just said, "Hey, can I shadow you? Can I watch what you do? Because I want to do this someday." I would not be surprised if I heard that in an interview that he gave, or if he told me that himself. That every project that he was a part of, he wanted to be behind the camera, seeing how it works. Because for this to be his directorial debut and the way it was executed, blew me away.

The only way I could really describe this story is that it was like pure rage set to film. It is the best way I can describe this action movie. But it had passion, drama, it had all these elements. Let me tell you, without giving anything away, I'm going to tell you exactly what this was. This was a... Do you know the term mama's boy? This was vindication for every mama's boy out there. And that's all I'm going to say. If you haven't seen the movie, you don't know what I'm talking about. But for all the mama's boys out there, this was the movie. If you are a mama's boy, this is your movie. This movie is like your Citizen Kane or your Godfather. This is the movie for the mama's boy right there. If you call yourself a mama's boy, this is your movie. So that's all I'll say. Like I said, pure rage set to cinema. This movie was intense. So when I heard that Jordan Peele was one of the producers of it, he was the one championing this movie. And when he saw it, or maybe he read the script, I can't remember, he was like, "No, you gotta do this movie. You gotta promote this movie or distribute this movie." And I'm glad that whoever he spoke to, he got it done because Dev Patel, I am now convinced. Dev Patel, if he continues on this path, let me say something real quick. It's something I didn't just from this one movie. Now this might be just like how everybody felt about Jordan Peele when we saw Get Out. Maybe this is the situation. But to start like this from an action movie, I don't know, it's a different vein from horror. If Dev can keep it going the way he did from this jump-off point, maybe he's a one-hit wonder, maybe he's not.

I see some potential there, I'll put it like that. Dev Patel, he's got an eye. He has it, just like Jordan Peele. They have it. But I would not be surprised if he keeps going in this direction. He might get an Oscar nomination or that trophy before even Jordan Peele does. It was that good. This movie made me feel like I literally was squirming in my chair. And it wasn't just because of what was happening on the screen, it was the way it was shot if that makes sense. The cinematography was outstanding. I can't get enough. If you're interested in seeing this movie, like I said, if it's good, I'll watch it again. I will definitely watch this movie again. And if you want to go see it with me, yes, I will watch this movie again. And I might watch it a third time after that. It is that good. If you're a fan of The Dark Knight, John Wick, this is on that level and then some. Go check it out.


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