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Ghostbusters Frozen Empire

So, we went and we saw Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire and overall, what I want to let you speak first because I have something to fix on it. We saw together on a date night last night. What were your overall thoughts on it? It's been out for a week, this is week two. What were your thoughts on Ghostbusters and where are the Ghostbusters at right now? I loved it, I thought it was a good time. I enjoyed it and I'd watch it again. Those are all the types of movies that, overall, everybody was back. The one thing I was worried about when we were watching it was from the trailer. I was like okay, it gave me the impression that we were going to see. I know it was going to be a Nostalgia movie again, we're going to do callbacks to a bunch of things like the song "You Know busted makes me feel good", the way, what's his name said, and things like that. That was heavily in the movie but I was afraid that we were just going to fight the same ghosts over and over again. Like, oh, the containment unit is broken and now these ghosts are coming back. Like, are we going to fight Dozer again? Are we going to that Library again? Are we seeing that Librarian Ghost again? Like, I was like, oh, stay puft marshmallow little guys again? I'm like, I was so afraid that we were going to see and fight. Like, is the ghost from part two is Victor going to come out again? It seems like the main boss villains from each movie, they don't trap those ghosts.

They, for some reason, they just get eliminated. Like if not that up, thinking about it, Dozer from part one and then again in afterlife they didn't. I don't remember if they trapped them, but they just, they beat them. And then Victor Von, whatever his name was from part two, the same thing. They didn't trap him, they beat them. Spoiler, sorry for guys if you don't want to hear anything about Ghostbusters at Frozen Empire. If you haven't seen it, I'm about to say something that happened at the end of the movie but in this situation, they, the main bad guy, they trapped him this time. Well, because I mean he came from a trap hit the like button, subscribe, and let us know what you guys think of at all times. Tell us what you want us to react to and let's just get right into it. Anyway, yeah, he was already, he had to put him back. But so, I'm curious about that's the first time that the final boss was actually contained. It's never happened before, but it made sense because it was a contained ghost from the beginning of the movie. And speaking of which, like the introduction of, what's his name, the fire Master.

What's his, yeah, like, what, what do you think about him? What parts of the movies did you like the most? Well, he's funny and he has great comedic timing, so yes, he was a very good addition to being the fireman and the, oh, what's his name, the from the library and I forgot his name. I remember him from Parks Oswald, yeah, like, other things like that. Anything else you want to add? Because I need time to, I mean, they're both already just, they're quick-witted and easy to watch. So, I wasn't surprised that they were, you know, when they're on camera, that, you know, it was a bunch of laughs, at any moment. Did you, I mean, anything that you did not like about the movie? Or, I mean, you know, the beginning is a little slow to get going, but it wasn't bad or anything. It was just, we could have jumped in a little faster.

What did I say? I thought the editing at the beginning was the worst part. I thought that the way the movie began, how they chopped up, the flashback to let you know what's going to be happening in this movie leading into what's going on in present day, the way they chopped that up could have been done better. It, in the very, the first half of the movie, I felt like they, it was struggling to figure out, like "pick a tone". Are we, you know, I understand that there's some comedy in it, there's some, they tried to still make it a little dark and a little serious here and there and whatnot, but I, I, I was, I just thought that they, the way they were going back and like the original Ghostbusters, they didn't, they, it didn't feel like they, they forced a joke.

It was something serious was going on and maybe a joke would be said in the moment, but, it, it was a smooth, like, it wasn't like, a, and you know, because it was more because all every time it happened, it was like Nostalgia for Nostalgia purposes. But then in the second half of the movie, it, it started flowing better. It was like, it, it were trying to capture that tone that the original movie was gave the darkness of it and the, and the, the balance between dark and comedy. And it wasn't working for me in the first 20, 30 minutes. But then I felt like the director finally found it and the, the second half of the movie worked better for me than in the first half. But, I, I get, I agree, I had a great time watching it. I thought, um, the trailer, I thought the trailer was misleading, the when I watched the trailer, I was like, I thought like, oh, stuff, there's some high stakes here. I was like, like some of these kids are going to die or something like that. But spoiler alert, no, oh no, it's safe, it's family-friendly.


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