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FREAKNIK Speaks To My Generation || Talking Through The Review

Let's talk through the talking through the reviews. It's the Freaknik. Oh, we were a minute ago, we were talking about the Freak Offs. P Diddy hidden cameras. We got the Princess of Wales allegedly on camera, you know, snorting blow off people's navels with a nipple pincher and a beret and a lollipop allegedly. It's the Freak Off. We don't know, allegedly. We don't know what P's got. He's got, you know what I'm saying? We, he could have, Fiona Apple, you know, hanging upside down in a chandelier, shooting off fireworks, telling people to be safe. I don't know. It's the Freak Off, but I just watched the Freak Nick and this was on Disney Plus 'cause I got it bundled with Hulu. It's on Hulu, but it was still technically Disney Plus. But Freaknik, now this is a movie about like a documentary style movie about what was known as the Freak Nick out there in Atlanta. How, and I, as a child of the '90s, I knew of the FreakNik. I saw the footage. I've never been to one, but it went down. It wasn't just in Atlanta, it happened everywhere. The beaches. How many times did you go to the Freak Nick, babe? Wasn't a part of that 'cause you weren't part of the Freak Nick. Married too young. So she said, the FreakNik happens when we, after the cameras turn off off of this podcast. She said, I'mma show you the FreakNik tonight, right, baby? But I mean, I saw it. I'm the Freak Off teen of the '90s. So she said, for me, for me, it's the Freak Off. So the cool thing about this documentary is that it explained the origins of the Freak Nick. It wasn't even about this. It was a couple of guys who, because they used the word freak like the way it was used in the '70s in disco, like the song "Oh, Freak Out." No, no. And then combining it with the word picnic and things like that. It was a positive gathering. It had nothing to do with what it evolved to. But they showed the heights that it reached. It showed a lot of the negative sides of it. It really displayed a lot of what you people talk about.

How like when kids on MTV do spring break and they go too far, but they don't label certain kids from certain areas and neighborhoods in that way. They could be doing the exact same things, if not worse, but they don't get labeled as hard. But when black people in the black community are having a gathering and it's sexualized, the labels and the stuff they got hit with, I'm trying to be vague because I actually want to encourage you guys to watch it. It goes into that. It talks about how they tried to suppress it, how they tried to change it, when they tried to bring it back, how it's not the same as what it used to be back then. It's the evolution of the Freaknik. And a lot of things I knew, and a lot of things I didn't. Go ahead, that was... I mean, that was also a time when people weren't recording everything. It's the Freak Off. It was harder to snitch back then. Our cameras were with film. Yeah, it's like, are you recording? Turn that camera off. That's what they would say. It's the Freak Off. But no, it's an okay documentary. It's worth a watch. I think it's worth it if you are of the generation that me and my wife are in. I grew up around this stuff. I was a kid, a child of the '80s, baby I'm a '90s baby. I mean, the songs certainly make you want to see if you got some knees.

Oh, the songs. There's some holes in this house, it was going down. You got Megan KN, yeah. Before me, yeah, you think Megan EST, you think Nicki Minaj. You think all them, they ain't saying nothing compared to Luke and the two low. They weren't saying nothing compared to these. It's the Freak Nick. Go watch it. I say go watch it. It was good. It's a good okay documentary. I think it speaks more to people of our generation more than anything else, but hey, it's worth a watch. TikTok, there's a lot of people looking for their masks out there. Oh my God. Let me do my lead the attorney in person. Oh my God. That video where people were saying they were watching the Freak Off and then the guy was like, "Oh my, that's my mama. Don't be looking." Now that's my. Like, oh my, there are so many kids born young men in their 20s right now who are so scared about this documentary coming out because they're afraid they're gonna see their mamas doing what they did in the Freak Nick. I mean, I only heard about what went down. I never been to a Freak Nick, but I heard it was the bomb. And if you happen to spot your mama on that documentary, you're gonna need therapy because it went down. It was not for the faint of heart. I just say it like that, but it's worth the check. It's definitely worth to check out, especially if you were from that time. It will speak more to people who were raised in that generation, but it was a good little documentary. I watched it. It was a quick hour and 30-minute little dock and worth to check out. It's the Freak Nick. Go check it out.


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