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Abigail Movie Review: Kathryn Newton and Melissa Barrera a face off comparison

Abigail was the most fun that I've had in the movies for horror so far in 2024. The cast worked well together and was the ingredient that made this bloody jambalaya work so well. The Abigail actress had just as much stage presence and control as an actress as she does as a professional ballerina. Her ability to switch from Tinder to Terror was what gave this movie a boost in the fun.

I recommend seeing this in theaters because it will go down as an instant cult classic.

I recently was a part of a spoiler review conversation with Abigail on our podcast and live-stream show which is available on all podcast platforms and are YouTube channel. For full spoiler talk go watch or listen. Leave your comments and thoughts and let's keep talking.

There is a theory that I want to present regarding casting. I believe Melissa Barrera's performance was solid she is a standout in any ensemble that she's in but I believe that Kathryn Newton is a star and on a level of momentum that is undeniable. I've had so much fun with her as an actress in all of her most recent performances like Lisa Frankenstein for example. I would be curious to see what would have been if Newton was the lead character and Melissa Rivera played parole as the hacker. I would not be surprised to find out that it was down to a coin toss on who would play what character. Would it have made a difference in the enjoyment of the film probably not what I am saying is that I want to see more between these two meeting ladies because on screen together they are a winning combination. A full version of Nick Cage's John Travolta Face-Off style.

For a full Spoiler Talk discussion on our podcast or Youtube channel click below.


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