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Suicide Squad Review

Look I'm gonna tell you right off the bat. I love this movie. The thing that I didn't like about the original is how it started off with a very serious side. It got there, it was badass action and it just on a dime switched to the supernatural world that just did not fit the finale or the third act of the movie didn't fit with anything from the first and the second half. Now that I've watched this movie I can now tell what DC is doing because let me be honest with you, they did the exact same thing. They start off pretty serious with the mission at hand You know we gotta we're doing this one mission and then on it then there is a thing that's in the second half that's going to interfere with the mission.

A building that aside from building that's kind of in the way or the real focus. And then the third act introduces the real big supernatural threat as you can tell from the trailer it was the Kaiju that starfish the conqueror sorrow, the conqueror character that was the supernatural element you know into it But what James Gunn was able to do more successfully here that wasn't quite done as well in the original was to make it make a little bit more sense And to let it flow into the crazy supernatural a little bit better. But when you finish watching this movie and then think about what they were going for in the first one, you're like maybe gun would have been able to execute it better because even though you had your little jokes and your things like Harley Quinn skilling in the store, what we're bad guys, you know kind of stuff and starting off the movie with just with people you don't expect to die right away just getting knocked out the show that Amanda Waller is serious setting this tone is realistic tone and then going into the crazy, it just, it's the shift wasn't didn't flow as well as it did in this one.

You the way Gun was able to direct this team and write this story and to make it flow into this crazy Storrow fight world. It was done a little bit better But in comparison I can now see that this is the formula moving forward. There was a lot done in the second movie that was done in the first movie, a lot done even down to the, to the mention of Superman in the beginning almost beat for beat the same way like you start the movie off where Waller sees Harley Harley in the first movie in prison and she's just dangling there and you know, she doesn't seem like a threat. But then she, you know a little bit of thing that she does prove that she is a threat. And the same thing is done at the beginning of this movie starts off pretty much in prison.

There's a prisoner there that let you know that this is this person isn't one to be trifled with. It almost has its almost as if they lifted the exact same movie and just did a complete pink job of the first one. If there's a Suicide Squad three or if they're however many that they do moving forward. one of the things that will never happen is as long as Harley Quinn is in there, she's not gonna die. Harley Quinn has already been in so many movies was its birds of prey? Suicide Squad And now suicide squad three has 3 movies. Margot Robbie and Warner Brothers. They have a good working relationship right now and just like blood, not blood. Is it a dead shot Just will smith's character is just being removed. Not meant just not explain why he's gone.

It's just gonna be something like that. If there's a suicide squad three and it doesn't make sense to have Margot Robbie in there, she just won't be in there, or if Suicide Squad is just the movie that makes more sense for Harley moving forward. She's never gonna die. She's the one person that you can bank on will never die. It just won't happen. Everybody will die before she does everything that john Cena did was it was perfect stand there, a perfect spot on, perfect. him getting his own spin-off series makes a lot of sense. Everything that's going on with the see you for the HBO max exclusive stuff is the equipment is exactly what they should have been patient about and try to do before force-feeding us the Justice League and watching that launch because the Snyder cut was more superior.

There's something about the Suicide Squad where you can constantly try to place your bets which one of these characters is not gonna make it out of the movie kind of a thing, which ones will survive that you think they're gonna die kind of a thing. And constantly into changing all these different types of characters, I'm telling you, man and suicide squad three condiment man could be one of your, your, your breakaway stars out of it. I'm telling you they have so many avenues that they can go. So with the series that's coming out with peacemaker, with John Cena, and with Harley Quinn kind of still being out there doing her thing, what she's going to be doing with batman and whatnot. There are so many avenues that they can go to if they do the same joke again And the third one, I don't care.

I feel like this is the way to go with Suicide Squad I want to see a Harley an ivy movie in the same vein as Suicide Squad and with that Harley Quinn cartoon that they're doing, you already got King Shark out there so why not? I now have way more faith in what's going on with D. C. You then and I was wondering why they just didn't start over because we have The Flash and why the Flashpoint movie wasn't scrapped after the way it's been started. It's because they're headed they know what they're what they need to do and they found a way to wipe the slate clean. And this to me this Suicide the Suicide Squad movie to me proves that is exactly what they're doing, that you're doing a soft reboot to this universe.

Keeping what works, getting rid of what doesn't wiping the slate clean. Why keep mentioning Superman? If just the way the same way you did with the first Suicide Squad movie, why do I keep mentioning mhm With Kryptonite bullet and all that's why it doesn't make any sense. It would have made more sense with Ben Affleck, still agreeing to come back to the Flashpoint, it made more sense than to mention batman or somebody or the Flash. It made more sense there. But they keep mentioning Superman for some strange reason. So I'm looking forward to seeing what we're gonna do, the Flashpoint movie will, I think all will be revealed once we see that movie, but as far as Suicide Squad. Yeah, I loved it way more than the original one. I felt more for the characters. You know a movie is good with me if I'm willing to watch it again and I'm willing to watch this one multiple times because there's gotta be some things that I missed.

When I was from the first viewing I definitely did so I'm definitely going to watch it again. Let me know what you guys think about the Suicide Squad. Do you agree or disagree with my assessment of this whole movie, with my thoughts on the way the D. C. U. Is being handled and what they're going to be doing moving forward? Do you agree that the formula is a certain way the formula to make a Suicide Squad movie is now revealed? They have a certain way that they want to start off and moving the 1st 2nd to the third act with the fantastical and stuff. And that that pretty much we saw almost the exact same movie. Except does it done better? Was it done worse, European? You know I just love these movies and I love talking about this stuff and I just love being entertained and I love talking with you guys about what you feel what you share with me what worked, what didn't work and we'll talk about it right here on this channel guys, I'm out of here man.

You know I can go ramble on for days at a time, so put in the box and let's keep talking until next time, guys, our supporters help make all this content possible So make sure you check out our Patreon page so you can help us bring you the content you want to just like heavy metal. Yours turned up on another level, push the better to the brilliant metal. I turned up just like heavy metal black.


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