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Submission Possible Pilot Review

During Pride Month, I was introduced to Revry, a network displaying queer TV 24/7. I was given the opportunity to watch a pilot episode for a project called Submission Possible. This is an erotic thriller mini-series following the “Queen of Kink” Madison Young. She hits the road discovering the threads in the kink communities starting with New Orleans to talk to kink shop owners about the lifestyle and how it is precepted in the south. Talking about how culture has changed and how people are becoming more open to express themselves and connect with people without the threat of harm was especially enlightening.

This episode even explored spirituality as well which was surprising to me. Looking at the spirit or the existence of energies that can/cannot be explained and how that could be linked to the ideals of inviting/consenting to spiritual energies. I believe this is an exciting new show that will connect with a lot of people, especially if you’re exploring who you are and what your place in the world is or what it could be. New Orleans is in particular an excellent launching point for the show, the city has such a different feel, history, belief systems, and spirituality than any other in the world. It gives the viewer a pure look into where this show is willing to go. Madison does not just intend to entice the audience but instead arm them through inspirations that can lead to new sources of pleasure and as she puts it, smashing sexual stigmas one city at a time.

The show is not rated, I would say it for mature audiences since discussions of sex and sexuality are the basis and there are displays of sexual activity. Revry is a global streaming network that has different offerings for streaming. The free version is 4 live 24/7 TV channels, limited access to an on-demand library. Revry premium monthly is $6.99 per month that offers a 7-day free trial, 4 live 24/7 TV channels, full access to an on-demand library, and commercial-free on-demand.


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