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Prey Movie Review *Trilogy Is Prey, Predator 1, and 2

In the movie Prey in the 18th century a predator was dropped on earth and it uh landed

Comanche tribe and the predator does what he normally does. If there's a hunter out there that's just as skilled or as equal or better yoked than the Predators are and they go out to test themselves. I wondered what the the overall goal is, are they supposed to be there for like a week, a month, and then get picked up? The lead, Amber Midthunder, is an American actress and member of the Fort Peck Sioux Tribe. She is known for her series regular roles in the FX series Legion, and The CW series Roswell, New Mexico, as well as appearances on Longmire and Banshee.

she wants to put her skills to use and they did she is known to her tribe for her tracking skills. Her brother Taabe, played by uh Dakota Beavers, was her biggest support in his efforts to help her elevate to a respected warrior. It felt much like an R-Rated Bad-ass Disney Princess story. When the predator finally shows up Naru (Amber) is the first one to notice something is weird and the rest of the tribe just assume it is a mountain lion or a bear.

Remembering the older movies and how advanced their technology, when I heard about this this premise I thought this is not going to be a fair fight. That bear fight that was the best. i don't think the predator was ready for that because when they collided i was like "oh man this bear is gonna kick Predators ass". Then obviously he brings out the the blades ended it after trying hand to hand with a bear. that was a fair fight so respect to the Predator. Our hero witnessed it and finally realized she wasn't crazy about seeing an invisible creature killing bears.

I like the fact that we did not get the English subtitles for what the french colonizers were saying it was basically contexted clues. They were killing all the buffalo, they were fur traders and weren't doing it for the meat. Even the predator looked disgusted by it. the french settlers they were they were already aware of the predator as well and put Naru up as bait. even though they trapped Predator at one point they had those old-school muskets that made the fight very comical getting only one shot off at a time. The first fight between our hero tribe and the Predator lasted long. It felt like it lasted longer and better between real warriors taking it down to hand-to-hand combat and basic weaponry.

When Naru realized that the medicine she used to heal wounded warriors by slowing down the heart, could also make you invisible to the Predator a parallel to when Schwarzenegger figured out that his predator couldn't see when you're covered in mud. There was one other easter egg call back, "if it bleeds we can kill" said by both Schwarzenegger in Predator and now Taabe in Prey. The way Schwarzenegger outsmarted him seemed like the predator in the first movie was uh was smart or smarter. it seemed like this Predator in the Prey movie fell for the very first trap that Naru set up. Schwarzenegger's predator didn't fall for the first trap, it went around the trap and was like oh no we're gonna fight and then Schwarzenegger got the best of it. I'll give Naru this, it was clever because I couldn't tell what she was doing I knew that everything she went through in the film was going to come back into place.

On predator 2 when donald glover beat the predator all of his predators friends came and they gave him an award for winning. I assumed that same thing was going to happen. i thought they were going to land at the tribe and come back maybe to retrieve their fallen warriors head because you can't have an alien head just sitting there. so i wonder how they explained that but what they did with the blood, what they did with the body, what they, did with the head and all that stuff because you can't just keep it there. there was no evidence of aliens ever being on the planet before the first predator so that was one of the things that i thought was a loophole. The other callback actual gun that was given to Donald was the same pistol that was used by the french colonizers. So, at one point the Predators must have come down to pick up some human tech. I think this ranks two out of the three in this order, for me it is Predator, Prey, and then Predator 2. that's my ranking. I enjoyed this movie just as much as the original. A must see.


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