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Justice League Snyder Cut Early Reviews

Early Monday morning, after the lifting of the embargo, came roaring in of the reviews of Justice League Snyder Cut edition that’s set to release Thursday, March 18th on HBO Max. The Snyder Cut of the Justice League was a fan request that motivated Warner Brothers to fund the project giving Zack Snyder the chance to release the version he intended and then-some. From Darkseid to Black Suit Superman, the expectations of geeks around the world are high. If you are already a fan of Snyder and enjoy some of the work he did with Warner you’re sure to enjoy this additional 2 hours of new footage and if you’re not much of a fan maybe nothing will change for you. We’re sure some none believer will be converted but will it be enough to launch a sequel? Will Henry Cavil return? Some of the things that have been mentioned by critics who’ve seen the film early have said: There’s ambitious mythology at work, revealing the epic that Snyder had envisioned and restoring world-building. Came from The New York Times and even YouTubers like Tyrone Magnus applauded the film saying that Zack Snyder knocked it out of the park and it one of the best movies he’s ever seen.


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