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House of The Dragon Recap: Driftmark | Breakdown & Recap


hey welcome to T3 Medias um entertainment

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Chris Fagan you got you got nervous when you uh when you had to wing it with the uh the Hot D theme she was like I don't

know am I gonna say Hi D or am I going to say hot dog I don't know I don't know but guys welcome back to another uh week

uh this is the I don't know if I'm gonna continue the Monday the rundown rush for Mondays uh

it's kind of hard to do it on a Monday so um thinking it's just a recap we'll just

call this the recap we're just a rundown for the latest episode of the House of

dragon but we're just going to recap we're going to break down the everything that we saw and so joining me as always for any every anything and everything

the expert of the hot date is the uh one and only Knicks and the Navigator what's up Nyx

hey wow what an episode last night something to really unpack it was yeah

everybody was like so hit me up and complaining of like what screw this guy I screwed this whole episode and everything like that it was so it was

triggering a lot of you people were getting triggered a lot all right so we're gonna uh we're gonna break it all

down so uh right off the bat guys yeah so if you have any if you're joining us live or if you're uh if we catch this

later just hit us up in the comment section and let us know what your thoughts on it with uh on everything that you thought about Driftwood so

let's let's get right into Driftwood I got everything set up I think uh nope

I'm gonna have to go back and pull it all together but I'll uh I'll get that all set up

guys but Driftwood was it was a crazy episode A lot happened

after this was this was the second episode after the 10-year time Jump and

we're already getting into another one I guess we'll talk about that a little bit later but I like the episode overall it

was very it was I don't I don't know how to coin it yet it was very game of thronesy-ish like a

lot of a lot of manipulations and stuff happening but at the same time the cringe Factor was you couldn't deny it

so we'll get into that what about you where did you land on the whole hot dinos oh yeah I'm with you with it's

definitely there was levels of game of Game of Thrones levels in that episode with the whole family Dynamic the

Betrayal the treason and then it went a lot of cringy for me I had a pool of

Sarah Catherine and just look the other way look the other way I'm I'm so glad that that episode was so dark that I

could not see what was really going on I saw I saw that you mentioned that on

social media how dark uh how dark it was it was kind of like it reminded me of the um that one Game of Thrones episode

where it was so it wasn't lit up at all and a lot a lot of people complained

about it what was that episode called the long night yeah I mean I mean it was called the long night so it's like like

what do what did you guys expect right it was uh yeah if there wasn't all that

fire at the end of that episode we literally would have seen nothing in that Game of Thrones episode and this

one when I sent the actual stills of how it

was filmed it was like are you kidding me like it was so well lit like oh that's what we were supposed to see yeah

like that like it's like oh that's ridiculous but yeah

I mean it looks like it looks like to me somebody turned up the brightness maybe of that picture like maybe that is a

screenshot or maybe that's a capture from say or maybe it's just something from say but but if you look at the background I don't know it feels like to

me somebody turned up the brightness I really it was a day shoot and they used

a night filter on the camera and that's why it's so so dark so that's to get uh

into it let's let's talk about um uh what what happened overall in this episode like when it started off we

started off with the What funeral yeah the funeral and how the like people are in mourning and it

was I thought it was kind of sweet that just serious the the younger of um

rhaenyra's kids is like I have every right to be mourning as well like I just

lost sir Harwin yeah Daddy but her but but the but the princess couldn't allow

him to say it was almost as if the queen could read his lips and and see what he was saying or he or overhear what they

were talking about like I I'm um I'm mourning too who could who is obviously My real father and I wanted

more in him I should be I should be being given uh condolences as well it's

like no like we we have to do that in private do not do that here you're gonna mess everything up and keep your [ __ ]

mouth shut kid how she kind of reacted to that the queen definitely caught on and I think

it was really cute how when the cousins the cousins just held

each other's hands because they realized all three of them are mourning together

and then yeah that was a good that was a good scene um yeah when the cousins uh because they

didn't know at first they didn't know how to talk to each other and then it was in the way she reached out it was

that that was a a touching moment it made me think about something that that happened at the very end of the episode

as well but we're going to get that into that later but the whole situation with the the funeral

um I thought it was that was a long scene like that that whole scene like it

was like I was about to say drag but that's not the right word for it it was it was very long sting scene as if and I

know it wasn't done in one shot there were Cuts but it us staying on that outside

um that uh was like not what's the word for it um is that awake is that the when

everybody when all the family and friends get together to talk and to uh because they've all they already started

the episode when they dropped the body off into the sea because yeah they uh the was the

valerians are about the sea right is that is that what it was or was the targaryens it's the valerians because that's their

Customs to send the body out to the Sea and then we and then everybody stayed

outside to uh to talk and and to you know and you heard people giving their condolences I'm sorry for your loss and

stuff like that but and then the king I saw that he was funny it was cool that he was trying to use it as an

opportunity to bring everybody together yeah to use that tragedy but Damon Damon was like yeah

he seems so [ __ ] off off the whole time like like he didn't give a [ __ ] that's what I was that's what I have in

my notes because he laughed during the services so you already see signs of

Damon going mad because when a Targaryen is Born the gods flip a coin so Damon is

going mad after he's not mourning it's just getting to him

everything that's that's been going on uh yeah I honestly I understood that

um the Queen's father got had you know got called back in I guess he's the most qualified to be the hand of the king but

the way he was replaced I know it's been 10 years but still that I mean you accused him of giving advice that only

benefited him you even all you even pawned your daughter off onto me and it works so well and now she's my queen so

what's done is done why go back I would never have gone that's like going back to an abusive

like a ex or something like that or or uh or or going back to a job that that

totally treated you like crap and they're and they're paying you even less and you're still gonna go back because well guess what because you just there's

certain situations why you you have to go back but in this situation you're the king she was no other hand that he could

have hired yeah she could have picked anybody else in fact she could have even put hilarious the [ __ ] finger sorry

excuse me but that's what they call him in the book they could have put him as hand of the king as opposed to going

backwards her going backwards kind of puts a Target on her head only in my

opinion not because I read the books right it it just you know but it was his choice it was the king's

choice to to pull him back in right ultimately wasn't yeah I'm sure she suggested it and that just goes a little

deeper into where rhaenyra says now they see you for what you really are in the

scuffle which we'll touch on later yeah so the the hand is back now

now we have uh the uncle here like he's mourning the loss of his daughter uh in the in the beginning it looked like the

queen like like if I if I can go back to I don't know if you can see him there's the guy you were talking about

um a minute ago it looked like when the queen saw

um uh Mr finger here uh uh to right there like she like she's almost like nervous

to be around them like the way the words like she's like she's nervous that he's

gonna call for that favor like the way what did she say he's like he's puffing his chest up he's all proud of himself that now that he has his new title uh

and everything and and she's worried about he's very proud

yeah and and that's why she tells him on the boat to be discreet

like even if she when she repays him it'll be in it'll be discreet in secret

yeah yeah well we have um but we have the father uh of the of the

princess who died who and and he it's funny because in a previous episode he

and Damon were were scheming and he's he's overall plot is to get his wife back into the the to become the heir

that she that he feels like she was due and and that that vote to not give it to

her because she was a woman just to see the current King make his daughter the

next Heir so she will be the first female you know leader it's really like it's real this is really pissing him off

and the fact that now he's like his little plans to get first he put his daughter off to to uh to the king like

why don't you marry my daughter that didn't work then uh her daughter marrying Damon I guess that's one step

closer but but the Step that really um helped was when his son you know

married uh uh I I always say it wrong rhaenerys

and like so because his ultimate plan is just to get his family's name because he mentioned that in this episode what was

that that like people don't remember blood they only remember names history yeah and see you you touched on a really

good point because Damon is in pentos right now which is south of the the Seas

where the valerians are and if if the valyrians and Damon make

like a piece that just gives the valerians more control of the Seas and

the ports so that just gives them more like they

they'll own more land so that's like official for them to to uh position

themselves uh uh in a more powerful uh a real estate level uh that's a real

estate play right that's always that's always Lex Luthor's uh plots whenever any other old Superman movies it's

always about land and real estate if you really go back and watch the original Superman movies even the Superman return one it's always about land with Lex Luth

it was weird uh but yeah and that that's ultimately uh his his whole thing is by

being in positions of power now and especially in this episode uh between last episode to this episode all of his

ultimate plays to position himself were taken out between two episodes it was

it's kind of crazy but we'll we'll shuffle through that a little later and we um

I I can't remember what scene this was uh when renera was uh is in I don't I

know this is not this is before the fight but I can't I can't call where this is taking place do you that's after

the fight when she sends her boys away and she's getting stitched up oh yeah okay yeah so that's that's an early uh

scene right there um this is right here before the fight was uh about to take place the one

interesting thing that uh so not to get ahead of ourselves so uh later on into the episode and I'll go

back uh later so the one of the Queen's sons who was getting picked on a lot

throughout the episode didn't have his Dragon yet decides to to make a a make a

move he made a power play man he went out and he went for the big uh the big dog uh what's the dragon's got vagar

yeah and see her mother um Lena Lena before she passed away told her

daughter that if she wanted a dragon she would have to get it herself like she

would have to claim it and if so when vegar was available she should have claimed vegar instead of whatever was

trying to hatch and that's what Eamon did and so he didn't technically he

technically didn't do anything wrong I mean when yeah I mean it's it was a dick

move but you kind of understood it especially when he when his own big

brother was teasing him uh and being uh and and letting letting who letting his

cousins who who they both equally don't respect because they know that they're they're not full-blood uh family they're

they're what they call their bastards and that irked him he's like dude not only is my own brother that doesn't he's

laughing at me doesn't have my back thinks everything's a damn joke but my bastard cousins are there he's he's

laughing at me with them that sucks and so I don't blame him for doing what he did or that the power play but I was

shocked I was like holy [ __ ] he's going for the big dog then that and it worked out for him that was crazy what'd you

think about how that all worked out and well dragons don't choose well you don't

choose a dragon dragons choose you and so vegar chose him he was they were meant to be so he didn't get he didn't

steal her that's his right yeah the dragon is the ultimate the one that makes the choice if the dragon didn't want him he would have he would have

said so and I'm sure vagar would have allowed um uh one of the daughters to but but

obviously vegar probably respected the the balls the guts on him he saw

something in them and this episode when when it got to that fight when he when he finally came back the second he had

the dragon his confidence his Cockiness his inner Joffrey kicked in that's who

he was turned into instantly yeah he instantly became Joffrey he was like he was like instantly like now I'm gonna

now I'm gonna uh dish out to you or give back to you all the [ __ ] that you've

given me it's coming now it's been prepared like to their face he didn't he didn't the only thing that I respect him

over Joshua well no Joffrey Joffrey told you to your face he he [ __ ] with you yeah yeah smack talked to his uncle to

everyone like to her face yeah to their face so and and that was pretty much the move with me when he said what he said

about like that's my mother's Dragon like that like it belongs to me well you should have went for it when you had the

chance I went for it the dragon accepted it it's mine now you can't do nothing about it just like you brought up that's

the ultimate truth you can't argue that but of course that fight broke out and

at first it looked like this dude was like Michael Myers he had one kid and a choke hold he uh sucker punched the

other one I mean he was handling everybody then the numbers games got to him and they jumped him yes it was

pretty it was pretty uh funny and then but so I just thought okay you're just gonna get your ship you're gonna still

have your dragon but you're gonna get your ass kicked that's just a family fight but the second he picked that rock up like dude now okay

dude now you're you're you're gonna kill somebody you that's a you know that's a big [ __ ] rock you

know that look in his eye he would have he would have he did hit somebody with the rock right across the face didn't he

yeah um well that's how Jace no not the broken nose right Luke got his nose

broken yeah and so that was some that was a serious moment so I'm not surprised that the uh

the blades uh came out and when he and when one brother saw that the other was ready to to fight with the blade like

the distraction with the the pocket Sands of the eyes that that's That's a classic move pocket sand that's why you

gotta but you have to yell that when you throw it like pocket sand and uh that get that distraction and then wow I

didn't know that I said I don't know anything about the book so I didn't know that he was going to lose that eye oh I

totally and I just didn't know it was going to happen this fast yeah but when it got then when it got down to the

conversation the um that that long scene in the um and the

um I don't know so that's the the big room the the ballroom whatever it was well last last week on our recap I kind

of alluded that this was gonna happen because I told you all to pay attention to Helena the sister that they think is

dumb because she said the last leg has no rings at all he'll have to close one

eye so she's she's a Seer she can see she's not so she's not dumb she has sight they

they in the targaryens they're known as dream Watchers and so

um aegon the Conqueror uh the the king before viserius

the other aegon in Game of Thrones not Jon Snow but the other aegon the grand

maester they were all frame Watchers and so their dreams their Visions

essentially come true and we're talking about the the king and the Queen's uh

daughter right yes yeah yeah they were picking on her I forgot they have two boys and a girl they were

picking on her they were calling her stupid they were like she's Nothing Like Us in this episode [Music]

in this episode she says uh hand turned Loom weave in weave in

green and black uh dragons of Flesh weaving thread

and so she's either talking about the beginning of the dance of the dragons

well the weaving green and black I mean you got right here in this picture gonna let Allison do whatever she was

about to do well go repeat that again because the screen kind of froze for a second go start that over

um in this scene right here Allison pulls out the knife and has it

to raniera sir Kristen he's he says something like like uh

stand your guard to all his guards because he was about to let Allison do

whatever she was going to do to Rey let me double check the um

the stream for a second because we're still it's still recording but I don't know why it's this it says like

the stream might have started over but no it didn't I think we're still good on my on my youth okay so this thing is

just a glitch on my side um yeah we're still live but yeah and so that whole that whole uh that moment

where where the queen when she finally lunges when she takes the knife and comes after uh renera and uh and

I I felt like she I felt like she allowed that knife to cut her on purpose you think she

guided that knife for that cut I thought that if so I thought that was a a a a a

good play like like just seeing her come at her with the knife is one thing but seeing her cut the princess that's a

different Visual and everybody's already calling her mad for it that's a good theory I didn't think about it like that

because it was one foul swoop like I watched it twice they came down and I mean I mean

overall this is how I saw it the princess is a tough it's a tough cookie

I'm sorry the queen she's the I mean the pre we saw how she handled herself in in

fights and in the wild and things like that if if anybody's gonna win in a fight I'm gonna my money is on on the

princess she would kick the Queen's ass any day of the week that's why I felt like that whole conversation like they

can now that they see you for what you really are and and I thought that was a uh because when I when I first watched

it when she said that I was like is she gonna allow that knife to like go into her shoulder blade or something like that to give them a visual and then the

arm cut happened I felt like she guided that knife on purpose because seeing her

come at the the princesses can can kick the Queen's ass any day of the week but I think she needed that audience to

really see something so she allowed the knife to go into into her flesh like that that's just my theory that's just

that's my theory on it just just based on how skilled the princess is as a fighter

yeah definitely oh absolutely but uh uh it got it got bad again here

it is here it is right here this scene this moment right here when all the guards so you have a very weird moment

because these guards are sworn to protect the royal family and it's like

instantly it's like nothing but confusion so all they did was they just

stopped other guards from interfering like are you are you uh who are you

going to try to get control of or grab or maybe attack are you going after the princess if you can't do that I gotta

stop you are you going after the queen you definitely can't do that I have to stop you so it was like the guards really focused on stopping themselves

first and but the danger was still in play that was crazy it was like no guard

would allow another guard to put their hands on the queen or the princess which meant the queen and the princess could

have killed each other yeah so what did you think about that did you notice that like that Circle that they made right there

that's what I'm saying I noticed that and I was wondering why that was such and so the second time I watched it

that's when I heard sir Kristen say to the guards like

stand your guard and I was like oh this this guy is like about to incite the

chaos like he was gonna I think he believed in his Queen to just let her do destruction I don't

think he believed in the princess because the queen was armed yeah but we're also talking about two equal uh

forms of power you got okay yeah she's just a princess princess is outranked by the queen but she is also the heir so

yeah but it's it's like every that's what I'm saying talking about how much of it is so much chaos and confusion who

outranks who In This Moment who Out who who who are you supposed to be uh sworn

if the king were to accidentally die the princess is the one who gets the uh the throne but while the king is still alive

that is the Queen the queen that is his wife like she even mentioned that when

before the fight broke out and they asked the children calmly or all that all that yelling was

kind of funny uh because because you're never going to get a straight story because the boy who got his eye uh uh is

it aemon was his name when when he got his eye cut he's gonna spin it as the victim 100 he's not gonna notice that

there was not really a mention that much about how he went and snuck and got you

know his uh their Dead Mother's dragon and probably that's obviously what instigated the fight ultimately

but no one's going to care because your son is cut but I'm sorry go ahead Allison really surprised me when she was

like an eye for an eye yeah she blatantly said it like that oh uh yeah you can you can choose which eye

you're gonna take go for it I don't care go get it I just that yeah it's like because because she was trying

to put the king in an awkward position like uh she cut your son

yeah but she's also my daughter this is technically to the king it's like my

daughter and my son got uh my daughter and my I mean my uh my grandson and my

son got into a fight that's how that's all I mean so it's like if if if I punish my grandson it'll it's insulting

to the air that I named and and when she asked her son about the the

whole why did this fight uh really happen and uh and the discussion about them being bastards was brought up you

could see it in the Queen's eyes she was looking right at the king okay this is it your this little bubble that you

created but let's let's try to pop it right now you know that they're not really full-blooded like so you know

them cutting your son's eye is not justified we need to do like she was going for it she that was she was really

really going for it but the king stood his ground in his delusion yeah he

couldn't believe his own son when he was like we can we we can tell by looking at them still didn't believe his own son I

like the way I love the fact that he threw his big brother under the bus all I heard what'd you hear this from oh y'all from him

it was straight and his brother was like what why Allison was nervous in that scene like

don't say me don't say me don't say me I thought that was it because if if because I think you're right he was

about to say his mom and she she was so scared because I

think in that moment if if she would have stabbed the prince

if she was stab ready and and like wounded her or mortally killed I think the queen would have been taken and and

he would have had her kill I think she would have been sentenced to death right there on the spot it would have been a bad Civil War type of situation but

ultimately she she knew the mistake that she made by drawing that knife

we're talking about serious here he loves Ray Ray I don't think he

his it's already suffered the loss of his wife and and firstborn uh son he made

the decision to to to um to make his daughter the heir to correct

the mistake of overlooking her to have his and then he yelled at his current

uh hand when he first fired him he realized that you only suggest you made

me fall in love with your daughter that was a calculated move now for that calculated move to kill my Heir I'm

sorry I I feel like she would have been killed but no you got excited about something what's up how about how about

the serious going to bed and saying good night Emma I didn't get that like what what was the

significance because that's his first wife oh yeah

he's slipping if I I've gotten in trouble for wrong Girling a girl before so yeah I was like

no he didn't his wrong girl the queen and that's what and when and with all

that attention and with with them seeing the queen finally letting the mass slip like like right now boom now they can

see you for what you really are I I gave you a chance to make the the go back to

when we were friends and make nice but this paranoia that when I become the heir when I become the queen and sit on

the throne that that I'm just gonna she's ultimately scared that Ray Ray is going to kill her kids because she's

afraid that they're gonna have a legitimate more legitimate claim to the throne so it's this paranoia thing uh

Ray thinks that the Queen's gonna kill her kids for being bastards the queen thinks that Ray's gonna kill her kids for having a more legitimate claim to

the throne and they're at this stand still they're at the stalemate they one side just assumes that the other side's

gonna do something which they might not but now that all of this has happened it's definitely happening now I like if

it wasn't gonna happen last week I think after this week with the second one side gets a a strong enough hand they're

going to kill the kids on the other side it's definitely gonna happen

we have a couple minutes to talk about the lanor thing

go for it right well well how does it begin

um who sends for Carl

um Damon and Ray have the talk on the beach and they decide that they'll be

strongest by having their blood by being together making a blood yeah

right here yeah they finally yeah they have that little talk with first she has to talk with her

with her husband right and oh yeah or does they have that talk on the beach first I can't remember and

and first that you notice that conversation got a little more Awkward for at first first they kind of

reminisced about how you know me and my husband have this understanding but I don't get my Pleasures from me she goes

back to that like almost that recall of when hey uncle remember when you took me to that whorehouse that was the most

exciting thing that's ever happened to me uh you know I kind of felt like they were kind of cringing back on that kind

of a little hint like because she asked him like how are things how were things with your wife and stuff did you love

her and stuff like yeah she was all right yeah but then again she did say I

didn't I don't know your life so they and they then they talked a little bit about how when she first became the

heir it at first it seemed like they were going to be at each other's throats now it's like they can't keep their

hands off each other yeah oh he's definitely in love with him yeah and

either he's using that to his Advantage ultimately or he loves her too or both obviously

he's fascinated with her more than than any other person that he's ever been with it's even his own wife and that

awkwardness though that first when it was touching with their kids because you know after watching this episode I spent

about 10 minutes trying to figure out the relationship between her kids and his kids so Uncle daddy over there

and it's it's so it's like so what are their cousins of like are they cousins

twice removed like they're and the fact that her kids are are half blood so

they're not they're really Loosely uh related to his daughters so it's like

they could even get married and wouldn't even be that cringy because there there's the very much a little sliver of

of a blood tie there in comparison to all the other insists that's going on so it's it's so it's so weird but now

they're going to become civil like now they're siblings now now they're they're stepbrothers and sisters now

yeah for whatever the next kid will definitely have silver hair that's for sure yeah she locked

that in so it's so I'm just I'm wondering that bond that they had with

that fight against what's his name Eamon uh yeah that they should now have a a

strong brother sister Bond those those two and when we have the time Jump there everybody's gonna be older so but we're

sticking with the same actors we're not going to have a a new uh cast for the the

um the princess and Damon in them we're not they're they're still going to stay the same so we're going to time jump again in the next week's episode by like

what maybe five years three five years um I I think five years or

I think it was I could have sworn it said eight and then this is supposed to be our last time Jump where this is this

is gonna be like this is it okay and so and it looked from those trailers it

looked like a little Joffrey wannabe like he's definitely like like he's found his his strength he's this is he's

he's found his identity like this is who I'm gonna be I'm a badass now I'm gonna oh I'm going the guy before with the eye

patch yeah yeah oh yeah he is like another Damon he's like a he's a badass

he's he's a mad Targaryen for sure definitely so it's gonna be interesting seeing what um how he's gonna pick his

pick apart his cousins even his brother even his older brother didn't really have his back uh all that much and

picked on him too so [ __ ] he might go after his brother as well I'm definitely gonna see that expect

that I want to know why he says nephews in the next episode like who what kind of

time amen with the eye patch he's like nephew like

what would be his nephews his nephew his nephews is does aegon have kids or does

Helena have kids like look we're gonna have to do a separate episode about this

this this family tree because that is the most confusing thing I feel like I

have to have the pictures that I have to have their pick and not and not a family tree with the pictures of the the book

characters I need the actors in this because this is the only reference I know of I like to I need to make a flow

chart because I can't keep up with these kids I have so many family trees on just these kids not even like the

but everybody's dying so fast that I can't even keep up with the tree the

branches keep getting cut off yeah I have them crossed out and then like like I try to make them in order I'm like no

Damon needs to go here because of Rey yeah and I'm like oh nope I gotta remake it yeah now you're my uncle's step daddy

now okay what's no I should I should have that uh that's on the sound board my the uncle step daddy and then cousin

husband yeah uh second cousin husband now I mean it's

weird like like my uh now he's now that he's married to his

niece for the second time first he married his niece on on his uh sister's

side and now he married his niece on his brothers I forgot Uncle Grandpa gotta

put him yeah yeah this this dude has a type and it's nieces that's weird so guys uh yeah so and this time I did I

watched the uh the recap after the show and um so I was able to uh I remember

not to turn it off afterwards that this was by far the most interesting episode

and it's just getting better and better and better I know everybody else everybody else all of our friends tabs

and all that we talked to everybody was cringed out and uh about it but

I thought it was um even though it was cringy I knew what

was gonna happen I thought that it was it was a nice moment that a power play moment with it when them two uh got

together so it's because before I go she said it in that moment even though they

assumed because when okay of course we forgot to mention the only reason why she's able to marry her uncle is because

she fakes the death of her husband they had they had that talk did you see

the end the very very at first I thought she killed him that she had him killed as well but at the very end that escape

on the boat the guy who took the hoodie off that was her husband he shaved his head

did you miss that dude live He's Alive that was him and let's

do it like correct me Independence in the live chat if I'm wrong but that was him they fake I'm like who did they burn

who was that because that was it that was because Damon's wife she died by fire and the only other child that they

had was their oldest son right they only had two children correct no there's three Ray has three kids who

what two sons and a daughter um no two three boys because baby Joffrey

no okay okay so last week one of the the woman who died

at childbirth she killed herself by lighting herself on fire yeah then this week her brother gets killed from that

was assumed by that fight and then got kicked in the fireplace yeah do they have any other children

no just the two girls okay so so then he's alive because that

the person that I saw in the boat at the very end who took the hoodie off his head was him

he faked it because they that because that made that conversation between him and Ray Ray make more sense about being

free and doing what was right for the children married there was a third guy oh no the third

guy gets the kingsguard I was like there was a third guy in the fight with them yeah no yo he went to call for help the

guy the guy who attacked the print he he was looking at first it looked like he

was just escaping so he can go into that island that Damon was talking about to get away because it's not about what you your name or what you did it's about how

much money you got and I thought okay this is him escaping before he gets caught for killing the the prince but

then the other guy comes up and shows up and jumps in the boat with them and he takes the hoodie off and it's the prince with a shaved head

so there was I thought that was because I was like why is he fighting him why is he getting him I thought that was also

his lover too right his new lover I thought that was so I was like why do you gotta you easily convince your lover

to attack the print because that was the plan that's the conversation that Ray Ray was and and him were really having

him yeah he needing to be removed I think he was going along with the idea

to keep our boys safe you marrying your uncle is the most powerful play in

position I can't keep them safe so that makes sense yeah move me out of the way I'll fake my death I'll go away

you marry your uncle keep the boys safe and then he'll live off happily ever

after whatever whatever island they're about to go to you know you know the the uh or those old the the blue oyster from

the police academy movies I don't know if you get that reference yo you remember that do you remember the police academy movies

I when they would go into that bar they would always go into that gay bar in that musical play

it's just a sad joke but yeah that's what I imagined that they were escaping and and he was going to an island or a

place where they can he can live his life and be safe and live his life the way he wants to live it uh but yeah I

think yeah he's alive that was him unless I'm crazy that was him but I'm sure you're gonna go back and

watch that scene now you know I am you know I am I was able to Enlighten you on something

for a change on on it something that you overlooked okay cool cool all right all right well guys uh we we

went like 10 or 11 minutes overtime on this it wasn't bad we like talking about this stuff guys let us know what you

guys thought about the episode driftmark um was it too dark was it too cringy was it all of the above was it not cringy

enough it was was there more uncle daddy-ness that you wanted or needed or just didn't need to see it all uh at all

what do you think about the whole uh I don't care that this was your dead mom's Dragon it's mine now Okay and like that

that whole power play all of this the soul this whole thing the delusion from

the king the the madness that's that's now festering with the queen what I think her dad's gonna keep her in check

now he was he was proud of her now now I see that you're willing to win this game

so I think it's going to go back to her being a little chill

but uh I enjoy but I enjoyed any any final thoughts from uh from you Nixon I

don't think we're going to be seeing much of the king oh yeah he's he I'm surprised he lasted that time Jump

but yes I know you're going to be on vacation uh

pretty soon but before you go can let everybody know where they can find you on Tick Tock you can find me as Nixon

love08 and on Instagram you can find me as

nixon.bustidas b-a-s-t-i-d-a-s uh 86. and guys if you

want to uh reach out uh to me you can uh you can do that on on your own time I

don't want to talk to you no you can uh you can either reach out to me at t3medias and send me your thoughts or

questions or concerns it's your suggestions of things that you want us to talk about here reach out to me personally Chris W Fagan uh on all the

social medias and stuff I had a good time as always talking um or with Nixon uh so for me myself and

our our uh Navigator uh here uh we're gonna bid you a fine uh will uh Monday

have a good one be good uh take care of yourself your mental health at all time and um and just and just you know don't

don't get into big brawls with your your cousins because you know we don't it

gets it gets real bad like people those family reunions several guys you know

keep keep the kids under control it's


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