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Elvis Movie Review

It's a really good film and I was kind of surprised because with miles Herman's films I feel like

some of it's like more style over substance but it starts really showing how Elvis started his career. The movie really picks up but once it does it does not stop. you're not gonna be disappointed. Austin Butler really embodies and transformed himself into Elvis. if

anything this is going to be his defining moment.

the person who did tom hanks makeup I didn't really like it I thought you could tell it was a costume you can tell it's a prosthetic when I saw it I was like "he looks like tom hanks in with a fat suit yet his arms are skinny. Colin Ferrel in the batman yeah his fat prosthetics actually look real. I've overheard inside that people say that he could be a nominee for best-supporting actor. they wanted somebody charming yes that had to be a con man we want somebody who would be able to turn the blocks off to make Elvis do whatever he wanted and tom hanks was the perfect actor.

I recommend it


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