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Dr. Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness Review

After seeing a screening, sponsored by Allied Marketing. We had fun with it and daniel even got to dress up in cosplay. I'm not going to get into any spoilers so join us live on an upcoming Talking to the Medias Randumb Specific show. Maybe we'll do a spoiler-heavy episode sometime next week to give people a chance to go check it out. Right off the bat, I'm going to say that I very much loved it more in the original dr strange. it was a little jarring, I'm not going to lie to those Sam Raimisms, especially if you're a big fan of the spider-man movies, you notice it right away. At first, I thought it was just going to take me out of the movie but then I blended into it, I loved it and it was perfect. This movie was a more horror-heavy type of film and it just gripped me from the beginning all the way to the end.

This film made me enjoy learning more about the characters than I ever knew before and I think that I'm gonna try to dive a little bit more into the comic book stuff. I don't know much about dr strange other than what I've seen in the MCU but this made me interested in learning some of the heavy lour that you can only get very much a tie-in and continuation from what we got in No Way Home. I would say that these two movies work hand in hand together so definitely if you've seen the movie multiple times as I have it would probably be good to watch no way home right before you go to watch this one maybe even Wandavision series a little bit of a refresher going right into it.

Benedict is outstanding as he always does as; well I called him the sorcerer's deluxe because as we learned because of the technicality, he's not the supreme. I was worried about what was gonna happen with this character I moved forward but from beginning to end I feel like there's something big that we have yet to see maybe from what we got in Sungchi with what he's going to be helping that character with but Wong is a teacher he's one of the people that I feel is going to help move the other sorcerers forward in the MCU and he's not a throwaway character he's here to stay and I'm glad that we got to see him grow a little bit more as a character. This time around wong is very crucial to the MCU.

American Chavez character was my favorite character. i know that the actress is getting a lot of heat with things that are going on politically wise and with the Geeks and Gamer types of nerds that have given her a hard time because she's representing LGBT characters. She was the heart and soul of this movie. It made me instantly want a movie with only her. On-screen or Disney plus series. I want to see more of this character from the first five minutes of getting to know her I instantly was like I need to see a movie or a tv series with just her I want to see her pop up and other things maybe the Marvels or something. she was lovely, I was just hooked from beginning to the end.

Wanda, on so many levels, totally crushed it and brought me back all the way to Westview from Wandavision. The pain that you're feeling with this character everything that you're struggling with you're right back in that moment again. There is some disappointment or worry about the direction that Wanda is going. For those of you who are on the internet because you're the hardcore Wanda stand, the super Wanda fans may not like this movie but based on how Wanda's character has been portrayed and all the pain that she's gone through this movie made a lot of sense. the only criticism that I would have for this movie is that it left me with so many questions than answers and I don't like it and I don't like that lately with the MCU. I like it when we speculate sometimes even if it's just out of fun we don't know what's going to happen. For No Way Home, for example, there was a lot of things that doesn't make any sense or that contradicts even though this movie kind of calls those things out it still left more questions than answer, and certain things I feel were not tied up properly but can be fixed later on.

Introducing us to a complex multiverse I think this movie did a good job. I had a lot of fun with it. the overall story was great. I loved where everybody went with their characters. Rachel Adams as Christine palmer I loved what they did with her this time a lot. they gave her a lot to do in this movie and any fan of hers will not be disappointed as well so I recommend it. Definitely one of MCU's best and I'll watch it again a couple of times in the theaters because there are so many things that are happening I have to confirm on second viewings. there's a couple of things that I think that I saw from previous movies and previous series that were going so fast you're like "they did that on purpose" because they know I'm gonna buy another ticket and go try to see if I can catch it second-time, third time, 15th time around.

i can't wait to talk about it. let me know what you guys who have seen it think. no spoilers please. this is a non-spoiler review let me know what you think without spoiling anything and then join us again next week when we give our spoiler-heavy review.


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