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The Fall Guy Movie Review

What did you think about this movie starring Emily Blunt and Ryan Gosling?

I loved it, had a blast. It's just a lot of fun. I mean, Ryan Gosling is funny, he's fun. It had action and stunts, lots of stunts. Even though you didn't get the connection that it was a remake until the very end. This is a remake of the TV show called of the same name. It was called The Fall Guy. It was the song when the credits started rolling that I went, "Oh, crap, that was a TV show about the stuntman." I heard that the director, 'cause I knew he was doing a love letter to stunt movies. They're like the unsung heroes. This movie was a lot of fun. It was I did feel like it was a little long.

They said that love letter to stunts.

They wanted to throw it all in there. A lot of people, I don't know what the target age range of people that they hope will be watching this movie, because I feel like I'm at the very bottom end of people who are going to remember that TV show. If you're from that generation who did watch that show and you knew that connection, this is a love letter for you. If you know nothing about that, if you're just a person a like the guy or whatever girl who just loves to see stuff blow up, this movie is for you. Ironically, it's also an interesting love story. It tries to it was big on the campiness. It's really not like a remake. It's not something that was like a reboot. So like the see it was an original type of it's even though it's called there was a reference and Easter eggs and stuff, yes, names and different things, but it's not like, "Oh my gosh, this is the same as the TV show." It's not at all. If you know nothing about this, TV show, if you know nothing about the about the about different about any of that history, it doesn't really matter. If you're just a Ryan Gosling fan, if you're just an Emily Blunt fan, if you're just a fan of just seeing stuff blow up, this movie is for you.

It compacts all the other tropes of movies, cheesy love stories, campy action movies, it tries to throw a mystery. It tries to mash a lot of things in one. So if you're a fan of a certain number of different types of genres, action, sci-fi, all that campy stuff, just silly popcorn humor, it's all in there. And it was a good little twist and things like that. It was a lot of things. And to the point where at first, for a couple of scenes, I was like, "Oh, this is a little too much what's happening." But then it kind of worked. I mean, even the movie that she's making is like a cheesy '70s '80s style that that movie would have definitely come out in the '80s.

The movie that they were making within the movie would have been taken seriously in the '80s. Once the movie was over, overall, everybody, but he was the stuntman, too. What was the other actor's name? Aaron Taylor-Johnson or something like that. He was great. This was Ryan Gosling's movie, but, but he was great. All the even, he was channeling Matthew McConaughey's voice. Oh, yeah, really country voice. I was like, "What are we doing here? British, right?" Emily Blunt was playing an American, but I noticed her accent kind of broke a couple of times. What's her name from the TV show that we love from Ted Lasso? I was so happy to see her. What's her name? She didn't sing. I was waiting for it. I was waiting for her to sing. Maybe a reference that we're going to butcher all my favorite songs and I thought they were going to get make her sing. That was a karaoke moment by the way. One last thing was the dynamic between Blunt. That whole, the way they talk to each other with the innuendos and like, beating around the bush kind of way, speaking, flirting, but trying to keep it low-key, but it was super obvious. That was funny. That was kind of cute. The way they talk to each other. I was like, you're not fooling anybody, but at the same time, they weren't trying to fool anybody. It was and it was awkward. Like, it was like a lot of fun. It was a good couple movie. Let us know what you guys think.


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