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Dangerous Lies Review

A couple played by Camila Medes & Jessie Usher are hired by an elderly man with money at his home. He dies under mysterious circumstances and wills his house to the young couple. There are a lot of people who are interested in the house and it seems that this couple may have stumbled upon more than what they originally saw as a flash of good luck as their lives are being threatened by unknown threats.

The only lie I was told was from anyone who said it was a good movie. I was immediately taken to stereotypes. Having an interracial couple facing financial problems from the beginning of the film and being the key issues of their relationship. The image was that being with this black man who can not use common sense with finances will keep his wife in debt and in situations of needing to break the law to succeed. I'm not saying this was what was written. It seems to me that there was a open casting and Usher won the role but the optics of it was not helpful for my viewing pleasure.

The over all plot was unbelievable which wouldn't have been a problem if it was not for the unlikely scenarios that kept coming up where a series of lucky coincidences kept arriving with the police not doing a better job at figuring out exactly what was obvious to the viewer. Leading to a plot twist that was extremely underwhelming. This felt like something from early Netflix era or a made for TV movie that has yet to generate a positive review that I've seen.


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