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Candyman 2021 Discussion - Do You Need To Watch The Original?

Partial discussion between Chris Fagan and Sean Malloy after watching the new Candyman film. For the full conversation please go to the YouTube link above as this post may be heavily edited and may not give you the full context of the conversation.

Sean: So just so everybody is clear. I would say that the original is definitely one of the biggest most classic of all the slasher horror movies probably made in cinema history as and as far as I'm concerned it was the one movie that terrified me as a kid. Now with that being said, you guys do not have to see the original movie to understand what's going on and the sequel. However with that being said it will drastically change your perception of this movie. And that's one thing I'm going to kind of go into here. Yeah, Chris what's your initial first before watching this?

Chris: Well, you know me before watching it man, every time we get on the game, you would always bring up Candyman nowhere for no reason. I'll be talking about Disney and you'd be like, you know what it really reminds me of Disney Candyman. For no reason at all. And it's not only that you would always bring up that one scene with a little kid get in there and they will always mess me up. And I was like I don't want to think about that, right? But to go pick it back on, co-sign what you were just saying a minute ago man, you're right. I thought about that in the middle of the movie was like you know what, you don't have to watch the original to watch this movie. And then I would say by it would it will enhance you if you do watch the first one, original one first, but I'll tell you what if you watch this one first and then go back. I think that might be a better experience Okay. Yeah, so pretty much on the same grounds.

Sean: What Chris said, I think there's gonna be two very distinct audiences for this. Obviously, the Diehard fans have been following the series for almost 30 years now. Now, I'm just gonna be honest, just straight up with you. I'm not gonna bullshit you guys. If you see the first movie, especially if you saw it a long time ago and it's one of your favorite movies, you just cold point blank, you will be, you will be disappointed with this movie. and I think that there's a couple of things now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the movies trash, but I if you have not seen the first movie, I think you will really like this movie. If, if you have seen the first movie, you are not going to be able to sit through this movie without thinking about it. There are just a few things they could have changed. I agree with what you're saying and that's why I said what I said about, I think it would serve as people who haven't been scarred by the first movie who might see this one first because it doesn't say and that might be what they were going for because it's not, it's not like they're saying this is Candyman to which is like technically Candyman for. But we're racing concept was Candyman, we're going back to the direct sequel to the original. We're pretty much forgetting about the other Candyman movies besides the original one. But if you watch the first, this Candyman first and then you go back and it almost watched daniel Robitaille story. Exactly. Because like, like like we were talking about earlier, they do a good job of recapping kind of what they what happened in the original.

Chris: But without spoiling anything, I'll tell you. It's kind of like that game of telephone. You know how when you get into somebody's hear you whisper everything and then they whisper to the next person here in the next person, next person. By the time it gets to the last person it's all destroyed. It's a whole different thing. And that's pretty much what happens with folklore is with legends with police stories. even records that were, that were probably in the news But after a generation, you know the urban legend starts kicking in and then people start changing the story up. So even when they were recapping what happened in the first one, it was like they changed, they changed So it made sense though. What changed, there's a scene in the first one guys where something happens with the lady in the, in the villain and you are if you've seen the first one you've seen it from a different perspective.

Sean: And so when they're talking about in past tense that you have to give you a completely different opinion about what people saw on, you're like wait a minute. Exactly. But you know what I like this is what I liked about this movie. It was it would be from the perspective of the people around all the people and their living in the neighborhood that were around the people in we didn't get that the first one it was just one neighbor and then an outsider and that was kind of the point. Exactly. I mean from the audience of the first as the original movie we were outsiders and yeah we were the fourth wall, we knew what was going on. But if you would take it from the point of view of the people within that city in that neighborhood, they did a good job in this in this, in this sequel talking about that urban legend from the way in the way that it would kind of because there's nobody in the world that would get the story 100% right because they didn't really 100% happen to everybody in the neighborhood.

Chris: They got a neighbor had it happened to them a cousin of an auntie of this and that and it's spoken. Yeah, yeah it's a legend and I think they did a good job with capturing that. Let's go into what you want to talk about not to spoil it but sean, if you want to talk about the reasons why this would be less like it was I didn't go in thinking that this was going to be better than the first even with the first one because I felt like the first one, was the first one NC 17 or should it be the first one? Had to fight to get an R. Rating. But it was still very I'm not gonna lie. The first one is a lot more brutal than this one but It was definitely like an NC 17 type brutality kind of a movie ripping tearing.

Sean: I knew I knew that this movie would be a rated R bordering a PG 13. Anything it was gonna goes down it wasn't gonna it wasn't going to start from an NC 17 and have to fight its way down like the original and I knew that this was going to be probably written like a hard are less. You see you know But you can but if you take away certain scenes it could have easily have been PU 13 if you know what I mean. I agree. Well I don't want to say because I want to get specifics but yes he's right you could take just a couple of little things out of there and all of a sudden movies. PG 13, right? Like yeah, like when that giant Kaiju stripper went knowledge, but I thought, okay so that's overall.

Chris: Yeah. Yeah but you can tell if you watch the if you go back to the original Candyman that was an NC 17 movie trying to squeeze it already to an R. Rated movie. They desperately try to make it already so they can make a little bit more extra money on it. But it felt like they were more focused on if we can, we can make the killers horrific and make it scary. And you know what Jordan peeling them and the writers and with the screenplay, they did a good job capturing the neighborhood. The ambiance neighborhood. I didn't have any problem with the neighborhood and stuff. But yeah dude, okay, check this out real quick. The camera work was very good Yeah. Yeah. The cinematography was pitch-perfect. I felt at some parts when we were in the present time because it did go back in time a little bit explains it The the whole movie felt like I was watching the watching in the 90s again if for some reason the coloring of this movie felt like the original Candyman movie. This movie recently came out. When you get to the end of it, you will know why Sean said the word like quarantine and what they were trying to, you'll you'll get it if you, if you, if you look at the history of all that stuff, but I'm not gonna getaway, I'm gonna make you guys do your research on that. I will say without giving details. I did like the final kills. I think that it should have been more more nasty. But I did like the fact that instead of it just there's a scene guys where because usually in the candy man movie there's only one, maybe two people there and almost every scenario they both die or he kills another person from the other and basically implies he's going to kill the other person later.

Sean: But this one we get a scene without details But many people see this and I thought that was kind of neat because they kind of, I thought it was need to because he did it more than what he did it more than once. Like the girls, the girls in the bathroom when you know all that twice he did it, he was, he was more willing to like if you're in a crowd of like being in a crowd will not don't save you because usually you just got to kill the whole crowd. Usually there's strength in numbers. I like the fact that they have now told us there is no strength in numbers, there's no getting around it. And it makes sense why there wouldn't be strength in numbers because I think like Freddy Krueger like the fewer people that know Freddy the less power he has, you have to say his name, you have to let the legend grow again for him to gain more power.

Chris: They were trying to kill Yeah, exactly. I think he was struggling. That might be the answer. He was struggling trying to claw his way back into the minds of everybody in the neighborhood and quarantining the area off like the kind of and gentrification and stuff like that and trying to burn it all down and rebuild it. Well, I think in a way we're kind of kill the strength of that, and if that if that's what Jordan Peele was going for, he did a good job because this was watered down compared to the first one. If that's not what he was going forward, he better make that his excuse moving forward.

Sean: I'd be curious if you know if they have a different version of this or an uncut version that we're like ok, we know this is not going to.

Chris: Oh man, you know you you know if he does have a unrated version of it, you know you're gonna watch Oh, I am sure I don't want to Yeah, you're going to see what you're gonna want to say. So that's what I say to see if you haven't seen the original one, go see this one and then go see the original. If you have seen it, I agree with Shawn, if you have seen the first one, you're probably going to be disappointed Yes. I mean I'm not saying don't go see it because I think everybody should see this just because I think it was a well-made movie. But I think I think it's not fair to Nia, you know neither Acosta and Jordan for you guys to just go in there and I did it to to be like it's got to be better at least as good as the first one because it's just Oh yeah, I don't think that's fair to any movie. I don't think any sequel has to be better.

Sean: It's good if when it happens it's so rare. But like yeah, like The Dark Knight, The Empire Strikes Back. Terminator & Terminator two. Yeah, that's so those. I mean it's very rare But it's still it's if you go I'm not gonna lie when in the movie right now as we're speaking right now it's still it's like 85% on rotten tomatoes And that's out of 212 reviews. This is a sci-fi fresh movie. I don't want people to think that we're saying that the movie is garbage.

Chris: It is not garbage but I'm not gonna I'm also going, to be honest with you there when I walked out the movie thinking I don't think Sean is gonna like like you know it would and then when I walked out the door, This other woman that was in the theater went straight up, This sucked.

Sean: I'm like no, no it did not. It wasn't just suck. It was just like I should have asked her. I'm curious now if that woman ever saw the original Candyman. Well, see that's the thing that's gonna be the thing. I wonder how many of these positive reviews have been seen or maybe seen recently. I'm sure the critic reviews they should if they know if they want to do their jobs properly they better have seen the first one. I saw review I that were a person who didn't see the original, made sure to go see the original before watching this. So I'm sure enough of them did. But I'm pretty sure a lot of kids, a lot of young people probably have not seen the original. And if you haven't my suggestion go see this then go back and then and then it'll blow your mind.

Chris: It might even enhance the second one because you're like wow that what happens what almost happened to him, in the beginning, would have been crazy if but you know, you'll see what I'm talking about I think it's I think I know what they're trying to do there trying to explain the franchise and they're trying to see if they can make this something into a thing. Yeah, I hope it makes money because I think that as a director she's good. I think she's got an eye for for really clever camera shots. The very big very first the 1st 30:45 minutes of this movie if it would have stayed on that same kind of path because at one point I can't figure out pinpoint where it kind of trailed off, but it felt like it started off, so pitch-perfect. Don't write it off It's it's worth it. It's worth a look. And I'm curious for you guys to tell us what you thought about it. Let me know if you've seen the original or if you saw this one first and then went back to see the original or if you're not going to see the original after seeing this one or whatever.


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