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with Sacha Baron Cohen, Maria Bakalova, Rudy Guiliani

Directed by Jason Woliner

In his “Subsequent Moviefilm”, “Borat” (Sacha Baron Cohen) is tasked with restoring Kazakhstan’s good name by delivering a “special gift” to President Trump. Only well-known in America now, the journalist must work incognito. And as always Cohen is a one in a million talent, a major risk-taker and unwavering performer who manages to lower people’s defenses often in the most hilarious of ways. Even when the joke falls flat, you still have to admire the effort. This “Borat” sequel is not exactly flat, but also feels a bit more slapped together. I still love his jabs at Kazakhstan (an example of one of their animated films is the best Trump gag here) and the lack of accountability (especially regarding women and their health) he gets out of people in this country is still funny at best, cringe at worst. This also has a nice subplot regarding his daughter (a scene-stealing Maria Bakalova), including one segment that weirdly reminded me of “The Miracle Worker.” The sequel does run out of steam; a debutante ball with a crude payoff, a Mike Pence gag that goes nowhere, too many jokes on Southerners all will have you wondering when this Rudy Giuliani sketch is coming. But when it finally does, “Borat 2” scores just enough hits than misses to recommend.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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