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Black Widow Movie Review: The Truth about Taskmaster

This movie will grab you from beginning to end. The fact that at the beginning of the movie it started off very slow, with the character development we got to learn a lot about Natasha as a little girl for the first 15 minutes. I felt like I was watching an episode of the wonder years and before I noticed it and realized that we hadn't seen anything blow up in a while, then that's when the action just started to pick up immediately. From the moment when the first bullet was shot, the movie picked up and it was a roller coaster ride all the way through.

Scarlett Johansson produced a great film with Kevin Feige and I think they did an outstanding job. Florence Pugh did an outstanding job playing Elena the Black Widow's sister in this movie I was afraid that she was going to just be a cookie-cutter carbon cut out of Scarlett Johansson’s character. If we need a Black Widow we got a black widow I feel that way as far as the replacement side of it if Scarlett Johansson does not want to come back to life in the fake death MCU universe. Florence will be a great addition to the future of the MCU with the Avengers may be a different team maybe just solo but as Black Widow or the new black widow she's very different from Scarlett Johansson’s character very sarcastic and I didn't think I would like that.

It worked so well, I thought maybe that line about the flipping of the hair and the posing was just going to be a one-time thing that we saw in the tv spots. Turns out throughout the movie she had me cracking up with the one-liners, the sarcasm, and the accent. Everything worked perfectly and I fell for this character. I want to see more of her now whether or not we're getting her in our own solo movies whether or not she's joining the Avengers whether or not she's a villain I don't care I want more. I hope we are definitely going to get more if you watch the end of the movie we're getting a little bit more so Florence. if you're the new black widow I got your back.

Rachel white's playing Molina her delivery as the mother the emotion the times when she was being very purposely robotic because she's a scientist and then switching it to bass was mesmerizing to watch a master at work you know she's been in the business for a minute you know she's well trained you know she's a good actor you know she put in the work and you feel it from badass to mother to wife it was everything it really hit home. every time she was on screen no matter what she was doing it was always amazing and there's one line at the end of the movie that floored the audience I won't spoil it for you if you haven't seen it but she kills with the quick little one-liners to a couple of them actually and it was great because her dynamic with David harbor (Red Guardian) was adorable. Those two together just cracked me up. The dynamic between these spies that were forced to go undercover as husband and wife and developed an actual bond that stood the test of time was quite an interesting thing to see. i mean it was the flirting it was the just the silent looks it was the subtle jokes it was the sarcasm it was pretty much my relationship with my wife right now. Doesn't matter how you look, no matter how rich you are, it doesn't matter if you have a super serum in your system, it does not matter you can make her laugh you're good.

David harper as a red guardian was the glue that kept this movie together it was the fuel it was the engine that just moved this movie on every scene that he was in totally crushed it cracked me up each and every time a little sidewalk it's probably a good thing that this movie came out after falcon in the Minnesota series because i believe he was supposed to come out before and with the explanation about what happened with a bunch of copy super soldier serums and things like that i believe that if we would have seen this movie first a lot of people who don't know much about uh David Harper's character would have been like why are we in a world where another person is just all of a sudden uh strong is he a mutant is what is he was he hydra enhanced or something that would indicate super soldier serum what's going on what's up with what's up with all these super soldier serums and falcon and winter soldier explain that what was the weakest part of this movie i would have to say it's what typically what everybody else is saying.

Now before I go into this little thing, no I am not one of those beta guys who worry about race changing or gender-swapping, it does not matter to me. Because we're dealing with women that are spies, that are what the villains used in the black widow program to pretty much complete their mission. so it would make sense that one of their greatest soldiers would be another one of these trained women. We all know from the comic books and cartoons that Taskmaster is a male. Now, would it have just been easier to just instead of taskmaster the main villain's daughter to just be a son? The operation is run by a man, why can't that man have a son and that son just happened to be Taskmaster? It would have just been an easy thing to do. A lot of people who are upset about him being played by a woman in this movie would have accepted that but when you switch the character to a female all of a sudden as I said then you're going to get a lot of butthurt beta people.

To them, nothing can change, everything has to be the same story told a thousand times and a thousand times more and I don't want to have it changed even though I like to compare it to what I already like or maybe I might be surprised and find something I love about it and go, "I can like both equally". I think the real reason why people are upset with being a woman is the fact that the character was just not really that interesting at all. Were there a lot of cool fights, yes. With a lot of cool moments with them, yes but it was still kind of dull because it was no character development. There was nothing there it was just another foot soldier that was just a little tougher to kill than all the others.

We're not used to that in these MCU movies anymore. We want to know the backstory we want to kind of feel for the bad guys sometimes. We want to kind of root for them. I understand Killmonger wants to kill a lot of people but brothers got a point". You know what I’m saying, but we didn't get that with Taskmaster now add that to gender-swapping then you get the fandom up in arms. I guarantee you wouldn't be as bad as it is out there if the character was written a little bit more interesting but it is what it is overall. The movie is fantastic you'll have a great time. I’m not surprised that it's going to break the records and it feels like we're getting back to a good sense of normal.


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