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You People Movie Review

You People staring Eddie Murphey, Jonah Hill, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Lauren London. Directed by Kenya Barris, You People has a warm vibe of a film that takes you on an uncomfortable journey that explores blatant micro-racisms in interracial movies that have not been talked about before. We were only disappointed that the film will not be given a theateratrical release, but is going directly to Netflix on January 27th for streaming. Being in an interracial marriage with my wife Joy Fagan there were a lot of experiences that we have faced and are always aware of that had us laughing and feeling the pain that comes with how people, even ones who think they have your best interest in heart, can only see what they would like the world to be instead of being happy with what's right in front of them.

Jonah Hill and Lauren London's characters did not come off as a couple that you would believe in and that seems to be the point that you can find love in the most unlikely places. Especially when love has not worked out before it can come unexpectedly. It's how it happened with us as well and we identified with the Ezra and Amiri characters. Eddie and Julia bring in the conflict and are considered the best types of antagonists because they are the ones who do not see themselves as the bad guys or the problem. its characters like this, especially parents, that can always be the most interesting and complicated. It is hard in your adult age to tell your mother or father that they are acting completely out of pocket, but when you know it is in their nature, because of how you were raised, the need to walk an emotional tightrope is difficult and not for the faint of heart. With Eddies and Julia's background in comedy and SNL I knew they would be the best parts of the film but what was more surprising, for me, was that it was really Jonah and Julia that stole every scene and were most enjoyable.

Th3 Rundown panelist, Tabatha Jordan, said this about her experience. "I found it to be entertaining and thoughtful and thought-provoking. There were moments where the stereotypes were overly funny and really created thoughtful characters inside those stereotypes. The different comedic styles of Eddie and jonah hill really worked for the awkwardness that was needed for the movie".

This film was soulful, funny, and more. Go check it out, if you don't have Netflix, we recommend signing up for this one.


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