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What Lies Below Is Too Cringy: Too Many Step-Dad & Step-Daughter Adult Video Vibes

In the synopsis, a 16-year-old girl returns home from camp and learns that her mother has a new boyfriend one she intends to marry a man whose charm intelligence and beauty make him look like he's not human at all. This guy comes from vertical entertainment.

My Thoughts

It goes right into the cringe immediately and it's mostly because of what's going on

between the soon-to-be stepfather character and the soon-to-be step-daughter. It was as if this movie was written by somebody who was watching a lot of "what are you doing stepbro or step" videos. Those "I'm stuck in the dryer" stuff. That's why I put cringe right there on the thumbnail because it felt like it was written by somebody who was like watching too much of that stuff. Not only was the stepdad awkward and he's hovering over the mother and the daughter in the shadows a little too much for my taste, but I'm also thinking like this

movie was gonna go deep into that direction.

it's sci-fi, it's just like a twilight zone-ish kind of what's going on with this dude, there's something not right about him kind of a thing. Even though he's portraying himself as pretty

charming and he seems like a good dude at first and you little by little learned that

there's something pretty off about him. Then it's kind of predictable. The mother feels that "it's been a while since your dad's been gone and I've been alone for a long time I'm going to believe him over her kind of a thing " all that stuff was kind of predictable.

They convinced me that Ema Horvath was younger than I knew she had to be at least over 18 because this plot was going to a point where it's like is she about to have some scenes

with this man and she's got to be over 18 for that so but I wasn't expecting 27 but you

know they had her hair cut a certain way. I noticed that the camera angles on her

always were above her and she's always looking down like hunched and stuff trying to make herself look younger and innocent. What was going on in this movie? I was expecting

him to be the creeper the whole time but then it was to a point where even they

had the daughter acting over-sexualized. it's kind of like are we going to see the the

the potential stepdad and the step daughter replace the mom? I didn't know where this thing was going. it was all over the place and then by the time of the big reveal I was too creeped out to even care. Once this movie had a 16-year-old character masturbate to her future stepdad it became a totally different vibe.


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