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with David Spade, Lauren Lapkus, Nick Swardson

Directed by Tyler Spindel

Why he still has her on his phone, to begin with, is a question? But in a movie where people get kicked in the face, attacked by sharks, and take swan dives off balconies and cliffs and bash their heads on tree limbs for a laugh, does logic matter? The blind date is named Melissa. She’s a broadly played cartoon who’s obnoxious at best and a machete-wielding psychopath at worst. Rarely able to talk without shouting like a club promoter and occasionally slipping into a devil voice, the joke is she’s inappropriate and terribly mental. For good measure the movie also makes her seem suicidal, and a drunk. I’ve seen Lauren Lapkus before, she’s not a terrible comedic actress, and certainly deserves better. This is one humiliation after another showcasing the horrible state of affairs offered to funny women. In fact, most women would probably look funnier if they didn’t take this. In fact, the cast of 2016 “Ghostbusters” looks funnier now for not taking it. This movie is that bad! It’s ultimate cringe, especially when writers Chris Pappas and Kevin Barnett try to salvage some kind of romantic comedy out of it in the last 20 minutes. Lazier still is that Spade just sits back in defiance of comedic timing, letting the huge amount of penis and ass jokes carry him through another shit post-Chris Farley movie.

Grade: F #CJ2020infilm


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