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The Lost City: Couple Movie Review

The Lost City is about a romance book writer, Loretta Sage (Bullock) who is kidnapped by a spoiled rich man child, Abigail Fairfax (Daniel Radcliffe) to find a lost treasure that is hinted in one of Sages' books. When she is taken the only one who comes to her rescue in time is the male model of her book covers, Alan (Tatum). Alan is madly in love with Loretta and has been since he’s been modeling for her books. Loretta doesn’t notice because she is not attracted to men who are not of a certain caliber of intellect and she assumes that Alan is just a dumb model. I first went into this movie thinking that it was not going to be much and at times it felt a bit boring. The best parts of the film were during the times with Brad Pitt who played Jack Trainer. This character was hired by Alan to help rescue Loretta even though at the surface level he seemed to be the kind of man that would be looked at as a total package for Loretta since he has military training, good looks, and could carry an intelligent conversation with Loretta in the middle of an intense rescue.

Chris Fagan: Going in I thought this movie would be a fun silly banter between Channing and Sandra. Something similar to the back and forward on the films 21 Jump Street & The Proposal. The jealousy of Alan was one of the funnier moments. Overall the best parts for me were in the beginning. The overall mystery was not that well put together but it did not matter. It was a fun movie and perfect for date night. It’s the perfect movie for couples. There is a lot of laugh-out-loud moments. I’m not sure if there will be enough to get a sequel, it feels like a good one-and-done type of film. If a sequel is made I think it would be best if all of the top names returned. Most of the supporting roles, except for Pitt, were pretty forgettable and not well written. Performance-wise everyone did great, the plot and script were just underwhelming. This film is kept together by the chemistry between Bullock and Tatum alone.

Joy Fagan: I can tell now that it will get bad reviews saying that that plot doesn’t make sense. I would watch it again, probably several times because we just want something funny. My favorite part was (spoiler alert) was when Alan thought he accidentally killed Loretta by falling off a cliff after the first rescue in the get-away Smart Car. That scene had me laughing so hard I could not breathe and tears were falling down my face. Brad Pitt was funny, the scene in the trailer where Jack Trainer was pushing Loretta to safety in the wheel barrel and Alan was just carrying a shoe was hilarious. The pilot named Oscar, played by Oscar Nunez was also funny to me. I liked every moment with him and his goat. I like that it was playing Tatum's character to not be so tough based on the metaphor of not judging books by their cover. This movie will probably appeal to couples and women mostly.


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