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The Eternals None Spoiler Talk & Rotten Tomatoes Critic Reviews

Short Talking Points From Full Review. Clink YouTube Link to watch.

A Rotten Tomatoes critic says the pacing is off. I kind of agree. I think it was kind of longer than I think they could have shaved like 30 minutes off making an even almost even I think 30 minutes could have been shaved off. You might have been too long. I agree. 100%. This movie is a perfect setup of what comes, I feel like whatever is coming next, whether it's a cameo or the sequel or an Avengers movie it's gonna be big because seeing any of these guys, I don't care if it's the whole talent represented individually or Sprite character, I don't care just seeing one of these guys rubbing elbows with another M. C. You character will be huge. This is one of those situations where things are not appreciated until something until the next thing comes out. What those things that I'm always saying that people always bagging on until the next one comes out.

It's always cool to hate on the latest Star Wars movies but everybody hated on the Last Jedi until the very last one came out then all of a sudden people were like oh the last shipment that bad like no y'all always think this lady's Star Wars movie sucks until another one comes out then y'all talk great about the previous one. Yeah, we're just talking bad about it before. I think eternal is gonna suffer from that sort of the third world is probably gonna start getting higher, getting high scores now, and getting certified fresh. But I think it is certified fresh. It's gonna probably be in a 90% out because it's going to be sitting next to returns We'll wait until the next eternal movie comes out and then you're going to be calling this once, once we get some, I'm telling you when you see it, you know what I'm talking about.

But once we get some distance from this movie, this is going to be considered one of the best movies ever done in my opinion. And I'm telling once, once you get the bigger picture, I'm telling you, I feel like there's a classic here Once we get eternal to everybody got married was one circle. I don't even like it. Then when you turn to comes out that so few rewards others warm was great I tell you it's gonna be, it's gonna be the very next thing when we finally see the overall, like when we find like when we finally find out who is big bad is it, is it going to be another whoever the next stand up six, once we figure that out because it's gonna be somebody huge and you're gonna be like, you're gonna see whoever this person is, you're gonna be like, oh damn, we need the internals, I can already tell Captain America can handle that.

I want to see the scenes that they cut out. That's what you put in there that you cut out. It's probably a four-hour cut this movie, it's overall positive, I would say it's fresh, but rotten tomatoes has several families yet, so.


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