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Tetris Movie Review: Brilliant Block-By-Block

You haven't seen the Teris movie yet? It is so good! A fun ride that was in the vein of The Wolf of Wallstreet or The Big Short. Taron Egerton, who wowed me in The Kingsman had me captivated the moment his character talks about his plan to bring Tetris to the world. The whole tone the made in the first five minutes. Just him in a pitch meeting drawing the viewers in. The line "I'm still seeing falling blocks in my dreams is a perfect way to describe this movie. Who knew that a suspense thriller/mystery/who can you trust uplifting story was behind one of the most beloved games of all time?

For Me Rating: 4 out of 5
For Me Rating: 4 out of 5

The fact that this was a life-or-death deal-making process, could have added fuel and fire to the cold war between Russia and America. I enjoyed the performances of the entire cast but the ones who had me at the edge of my seat were, Taron Egerton and Henk Rogers. The way he carried the film on his shoulders was textbook acting. He became this character. I only saw Henk. Taron was not there at all. Sofya Lebedeva as Sasha was a surprisingly warmhearted character that did not fail to surprise me in the end. Lastly, Igor Grabuzov is Valentin Trifonov (our antagonist). Without his brilliance as the corrupt politician, there was no movie. Every tense moment in the film was spawned by his greed.

Apple TV Plus is the platform to see this movie, if you do not have this streaming service and debating whether or not to get it, this is the one that I believe is the reason to do it. Absolutely awesome and I will watch it many more times.


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