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Super Mario Bros. The Movie Review

My first viewing and rating

I fell asleep multiple times, feeling that the storyline was boring and ineffective. The feeling during this show was that it was going to be hard for parents, even us who were the first to be introduced to Mario and suffered from the original film. My original score was a D-.

My Second viewing

When I took a nap before the show and watched the movie again in theaters, not only did I see a lot more that I missed the first time. I genuinely laughed way more and had a lot of fun with the film. Bower played by Jack Black really made this film enjoyable. The fun factor increased and I can say now, do not see this movie if you're sleepy cause I will put you to sleep. If you go in refreshed you'll leave happy. New score For Me C-. The movie still played like a collage of clips randomly put together.


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