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Sisu Movie Review

Sisu is the latest action film to hit theaters. If I had to describe the movie, it's John Wick traveling back in time to WW2. The plot is pretty simple, a gold miner treks across war-torn Finland en route to a bank while encountering Nazis during the final months of the war. Our main protagonist doesn’t really speak in this film, but that doesn't take away from his character. His backstory is somewhat a war folklore that spreads, as he leaves a path of destruction behind.

What most viewers will be drawn in with is the bloody action. You think they use it; tanks, planes, boats, the whole nine yards. The acting is handled pretty well the majority of the actors are from various Netflix shows from Europe. Most notably Jack Doolan (The Boys) and Askel Hennie (The Martian). The overall pacing of the movie is good, at 1hr and 36 minutes it doesn't feel too slow or too rushed. Sisu is a great movie to catch in Dolby viewing, the cinematography of the Finnish countryside is beautiful and the action scenes are the biggest takeaways.

Catch this before it leaves theaters, I would recommend watching it as a double feature paired with John Wick: Chapter 4.

For Me Rating: I give it a B-


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