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Secret Invasion Season One Recaps

Episode One: Resurrection

Nick Fury takes himself out of retirement when he discovers a clandestine alien invasion of Earth. This was a slow start. More about establishing where we are not and figuring out what we've missed between the last time we've seen these characters. A lot has happened with the Skrulls so the first episode was about showing us exactly what the threat is and the possibilities of where it can all go. This was always a concern for Nick Fury but nothing he ever really readied the Avengers or anyone else for. Commentary On The Acting: The best acting came from Samuel L. Jackson as he questioned Talos on the train. The way he has trained Black Widow to lower the guards of his targets or friends to gain the information he needs was done excellently with the "Tell me something I don't know" game. Disney Plus being willing to go deeper into a conversation of how humans can not all get along on racial levels, so inter-species cohabitation was out of the question was an interesting debate. The tone of the episode was very spy vs spy. it felt like the same world as Captain America and The Winter Soldier film. The most shocking point comes at the end with the death of Maria Hill. She was who I assumed would take over Shield but now it seems that she's written out of the show. For Now. This was a clever episode but one just setting up the pieces of the chess board with us trying to figure out where characters like G'iah are allies or if Sonya Falsworth can be trusted in the end.

For Me: C

Episode 2: Promises

I'm convinced that G'iah is a double agent working to help her father and Nick Fury prevent world war three. After Gravik attack in Russia in episode one, we learn more about the betrayal he feels from humanity and his desire to take the planet that secretly adopted his people because he knows humans will never accept Skrulls. The end of this series will probably try to split the audience from rooting for Gravik to seeing him as a none redeemable character the way it was attempted in Falcon and The Winter Soldier. I have a funny feeling that it will be done a little better here. This episode raised the bar a bit higher than the first. Seeing what Gravik is capable of when completing a rescue attempt of a captured Skrull just to kill him for giving up secrets shows us that he is a "by any means necessary" player in this game. Rhode (Don Cheadle) having his one on one with Nick Fury was an eye-opening moment. He's always been a "good soldier" type of character but showing Fury that he's willing to put any loyalty to the Avengers second to the country was a shift in the dynamic for these two. It will probably take a lot for them to come back to terms again. Seeing Sonya torture a Skrull with such kindness was a moment that should both frighten and excite all viewers. Another "by any means" type of person with a psychopathic way of getting the job done can be a problem in the end. Knowing that Skrulls are around by the governments is something I did not think we'd find out this soon but if the government knows about the threat why out Fury so fast? He said it best, he's had the most experience with the Skrull than anyone. Could Rhodes be a Skrull? Could the president? It would be good to see that in the end, Nick found love with the Skrull, Charlayne Woodard as Varra. It confirms how much he's grown as a character and how much personal interest he has invested in Skrull survival and human acceptance. It speaks on a lot of civil rights issues the world has gone through and continues to struggle with to this day. This is a love story.

For Me: B-

Episode 3: Betrayed

Fury uncovers a rebel Skrull plot that is more dangerous than anything he's encountered before.


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