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How We Began 'Talking Through The Medias' At Comicpalooza

Walking through the bustling convention center at Comicpalooza, my heart raced with excitement. This was a dream come true for both me and my wife, Joy, from Talking Through The Medias. Finally, we had been granted media passes to cover this massive pop culture event in Houston. The air was buzzing with anticipation as we made our way inside.

As a devoted fan of the Unbreakable movies, I had decided to go all out for the occasion and dress up as Mr. Glass. Joy, on the other hand, had a different idea in mind. With her infectious enthusiasm, she convinced me to instead dress up as Ruby Rhod from The Fifth Element. Though I hesitated at first, I eventually relented, eager to fully immerse myself in the geeky atmosphere of Comicpalooza.

To my surprise, the Ruby Rhod costume was a massive hit. Everywhere we went, cosplayers and fans alike stopped me for pictures, amazed at the attention to detail in my outfit. Joy couldn't help but burst into laughter at my sudden rise to cosplay fame. As we roamed the convention floor, we encountered Tabatha Hamilton, who was stunningly dressed as Leeloo from The Fifth Element. Instantly, the three of us clicked and spent the entire day exploring Comicpalooza together. Tabatha's energy and passion for all things nerdy added a new dimension to our coverage for Talking Through The Medias.

Three years have passed since that fateful day at Comicpalooza, and our trio is still going strong. Tabatha's presence on our podcast has brought a fresh perspective and increased enthusiasm, helping us to connect with our listeners on a deeper level. Our friendship, sparked at Comicpalooza, has blossomed into a deep bond that extends far beyond the convention walls. Comicpalooza will always hold a special place in our hearts. It was where our friendship began, where we found a community of like-minded individuals, and where our love for all things pop culture flourished. As we look towards the future, we eagerly anticipate the adventures and connections that await us at future conventions, all while continuing to share our passion for geek culture through Talking Through The Medias. #comicpalooza #cppodfamily #cp2024


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