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Comicpalooza: My First Time At A Cosplay Convention

Comicpalooza in Houston TX, July 15-17 2022 would be the very first time I would be covering and attending a convention of any kind. I've been invited to a lot of them over the years since I've been in the reaction/entertainment news business and being granted press access is a huge step in my career. On the first day, my wife and I attended but I would be the only one in costume. I dressed as Mr. Glass, a character made famous by Samuel L. Jackson in the movie Unbreakable and later the film titled Mr. Glass.

Day one was mostly a celebration meant for the fans to engage each other and show off their cosplay and love for comics. There were games and music, and the vibe was amazing. Getting a few interviews out of the way early, I met Victoria (@nihilistbrat) dressed as Harley Quinn who was extremely excited to meet Alice Cooper on the second day. Her story of why she does cosplay and why she chooses Harley Quinn is one of the reasons why I love doing what I do which is getting to know new people and finding that thing that makes all of "this" worthwhile. Later that night, in keeping with the clown theme, I met @The_Willy_Vodka & @CreepzTheClown, not cosplayers, these men say that how they dress for conventions is a way of life. You can watch the quick interview on our social media.

The second day was more of a spectacle. This time my wife dressed as Psylocke from the X-Men and I went as Ruby Rhod made famous by Chris Tucker from the movie, The Fifth Element. You hear about people in the news saying "Don't become a story", I learned what that meant because instead of getting a chance to cover the conventions second day and get to interview cosplayers as much as I hoped, I was given interviews and pictures to people who really dug my cosplay. It changed me for the better and it's a feeling of acceptance that I became drunk on instantly. Meeting a few other cosplayers from the same film as I was in would be the highlights of my day and yes, I was able to get coverage on it that will be available on my show The RunDown Wednesday at 7 pm July 20, 2022.

I want to thank everyone at Comicpalooza from the staff who made the event memorable to the cosplayers who made it unforgettable. A special thank you to the Comicpalooza Media/Marketing team who allowed us to cover the event. Looking forward to next year.


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