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I recently saw Godzilla and I see you guys talking, uh, in the chat about it. We got, uh, Pierre Kelly hey, what's going on bud says, uh, Ghostbusters versus Godzilla could be a close box office matchup. It could be, but it's not. I mean, GH because Ghostbusters, I think, came out last week and this week we got Godzilla, uh, coming out. Uh, I saw a screening of Godzilla. I saw Godzilla on what was that? Tuesday, this P? Yeah, Tuesday. I took the kids and we went, uh, to go see it. If it was, I'll just say it like this, look, it was everything that you, that I loved about Godzilla versus Kong, and they amped it up. I think I heard that the YouTuber, his name is Eman, he said that this was like if the if WWE and Kevin Nolan produced a movie together, and that's a perfect way to put it. At one point, I was like, "Oh my God. God, they just did a suplex. Somebody just did a suplex." There was, like, wrestling moves. There was situations where if you're like a wrestling fan or fanatic, you're like, "I almost... I was wondering, like, is Godzilla really going to, like, reach out and tag Kong or something like that?" It was just like that. It was literally one of those movies where, you know how people say you can turn your brain off and just go in there and just have fun, like just like Ghostbusters when we saw Ghostbusters.

It was that much fun. And I was hoping that it wouldn't be a situation where I'll be rolling my eyes with the dialogue and things like that. There were cheesy moments and things like that, but none of that took me out of the movie. It was exactly what I feel like it was, like it needed to be. It was a lot of fun. It was a lot of... There was a lot of heart in this movie that I did not expect. Uh, son of Kong... Or Kong Jr., the guy, the little... little... uh... ape. That would be, like, son of Kong to me. I enjoyed every moment that that little bastard was in... like... like, you. That little kid. It was... F... He was the funniest thing about that movie, and it was a lot of heart and emotion in there with... with animals... with... Titans, or... Guys, whatever they're called. Kaijus that have no dialogue, but there was so much emotion in there. They really, like, humanizing Godzilla. Like, they're giving these... these animal-like personalities. Like back in the day, it was just, "Oh, they're just tearing up the city. Oh, they're now soulless beasts." And we got, you know, we got now they... like they got heart. I mean, Kong is, like, as... like sign language and everything. Hit the like button, subscribe. Let us know what you guys think of it. Tell us what you want us to react to and let's just get right into it. But, uh, it was... It was a lot of heart in that movie. So I... I recommend. I had a lot of fun. I like the whole tag team. It felt like a... like the Usos versus... if you are a WWE fan, the Usos versus... um, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens up... there for the Undisputed Tag Team Championship belts. You had a... you had like a mirror match. You had a Kong-like villain and a... and a Godzilla-like villain tag team to fight against Kong and Godzilla. So it was like a... a mirror match kind of thing. Introducing more... Monsters.

I was never... I was never bored at any moment. And the campiness of it and the cheesiness of it worked. It was fine. I had a lot of fun. I... I can't wait to see it. I'm hearing... I can't wait to see it again. I... I'm hearing that the... the reviews are... the... the predictions that it's going to be like a 50 million higher. I'm hoping that it does. That the... I'm hoping that it's so well received that the trajectory of this franchise keeps going upward. I wanted to do better than the last one because I feel I was like, "Does this... does... do we need more from this? Where can you go?" And now I'm like, "I'm daring them to do more. I dare you to come up with some other crazy-ass villain or plot or premise to... to move this along. Now that it feels like we have a... I don't... I know, a monsterized FF-


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