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PARAMOUNT PLUS REMOVES NICKELODEON || Talking Though The Medias with @marsellusdurden182

Check out the latest Hollywood news in today's video! Deadline has announced that a sequel to 'Freaky Friday' is officially in the works with the director of 'Welcome to Chippendales at the helm. Meanwhile, Universal's 'Wolf Man' has been pushed back to an early 2025 release date. Variety reports that Courteney Cox is in talks to join 'Scream 7' following Neve Campbell's return to the franchise. In other news, some of your favorite Nickelodeon shows have been removed from streaming on Paramount+, as reported by Collider. Additionally, Christopher Nolan is set to be knighted and Marvelmovies (IG) is teasing a dark storyline for Spider-Man 4 with Peter Parker losing his identity. Don't miss out on all the latest updates in the entertainment industry - watch now! 🎥🍿 #HollywoodNews #EntertainmentUpdates #MovieRumors


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