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Dune 2 Review

I thought it was a wonderful movie. Well done. They dove more into the storyline. I am very excited about the third movie and excited to see the continuation. You get too little. You get to kind of understand... a little bit more of the world and how the universes, like, kind of work. In the sense of like houses, the house concepts are a little made a little bit more clear. Without giving away too much information, like, you... you start to learn more about Peter's lineage and kind of where his mom comes from and how that affects who he is and what he does... throughout the movie. Zen's character, Johnny is... develops and evolves in Dune 2 and comes to some crossroads and you kind of see culturally the differences between them and how that affects them and how they interact with each other. But I enjoyed it. It's a long movie so invest. No, go in knowing that you're going to invest time. Make sure you're eating there, you've peed before the movie, and all that good stuff because it is long. But uh, I enjoy it.

I enjoy the Dune story. So it's one of those things that I think I might enjoy more than a mainstream person could or would. I loved it. I think what it's done is like Star Wars because it did come after Dune and you know then it had its movies and the movies were so successful. I think Star Wars was able to capture a younger generation, whereas Dune didn't get that through the books. the movie that it had, like, it wasn't like the same sort of capture that Star Wars was. And so I think it's now getting that like this generational aspect of being introduced to that story and the concept of its universe and its fantasy-driven creations. I think that it's kind of hitting home with that younger generation and they're starting to become fans of that storyline, which is kind of nice to see, to see younger people wanting to read the book and get involved with it and I'm reading the books. And so yeah, it's, it's a fun nerd. I know I just have to keep finding the time to read. Right now I'm still technically stuck in the first movie in the book so like I haven't quite gotten to the second movie stuff yet but it's, it is cool though to still read it to have some of, the movie references and it makes the read a little bit more interesting because I don't have to create everything myself. But it helps with, like, I get so much more behind-the-scenes details about what's happening in the movie, which makes me enjoy the movies even more having read parts of that. So I don't know, I'm a weirdo like that but I love that.


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