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Will Thundercats "Roar" Like Teen Titans Go?

When Teen Titans cartoon series was cut short and Cartoon Network decided to make a new series that was more light-hearted and targeted to children, no one knew at the time that it would breathe new life in the overall series that would also raise the tide of the past incarnations of the franchise. When it was announced that Thundercats Roar would be a similar situation, I found it very interesting that the pieces of a similar puzzle were beginning to form.

Just like Teen Titans Go, fans of the original series were upset that they were losing a series they were passionate about and getting a new version that at the time seemed pointless.

Trying to make lighting strike twice could be a winning strategy or a formula for failure. its possible that the comparisons overwhelm the fans and backfire. Then again, the dream of reanimating the original series could prove to be exactly what the franchise needs thanks to this new lighthearted version of the Thundercats. I was one of the ones who doubted making a goofy version of a winning franchise. I was against the idea of Teen Titans Go! After becoming mega fans of that cartoon series I am no longer in the busy of denying to potential a new and silly/kid version of an action cartoon series. I will give this new version of my beloved Thunder Cats and see if it gives us the boost that the franchise needs. That will bring today's generation back to the roots of Thundercats and create a new movement to put the show back on top,

leading to new possibilities such as a live-action film.


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