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Why Minions 2 Will Not Be Despicable

Is it a sequel?

Universal and Illumination’s The Rise of Gru, starring Steve Carell and Pierre Coffin, is it a sequel to Minions or is it a prequel to Despicable Me? The answer is both. But why would we need a sequel to Minions instead of a Despicable Me 4? It may be due to the fact that the 3rd installment of the franchise was considered the weakest of the trilogy. It is more likely that Universal is planning to have duel trilogies such as other franchises like The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit.

Continuing with the prequel trilogy that leads directly into the Despicable Me trilogy is the best route. By introducing the Gru character again, especially the version we remember before he became a father we can enjoy the character development. as we learn all of the things that made him the greatest criminal Mastermind, I'm sure we'll see him have moments of heroism that will have to be resisted as often as possible. He can not really be an antihero but I see him having to eliminate competition that may threaten him being the world's top bad guy.

Keeping the character so young will definitely appeal to children and having the minions in place to keep an adolescent supervillain safe all while nurturing his inner evil genius will be prove quite effective to most audiences. Unless the quality in the storytelling diminishes I see this being another major success.

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