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Now I remember speaking about this, I think it was with Tyler Cosy, but I don't know if I've ever had this conversation with you about the shortlist of Supergirl. I know he maybe this is not in your wheelhouse of what you're excited about, but the shortlist has been whittled down to, Millie, is it Alcock, from "House of Dragon" and Meg Donnelly? They're screen testing in Atlanta. this, exclusive came in from The Hollywood Reporter. What are your thoughts on these two young ladies possibly taking over as Supergirl? I mean, if I'm being completely Frank, I don't have too big of thoughts on it. I think that they could both do it very well. I don't foresee, I mean, I honestly think it would be kind of interesting to see both perspectives because, you know, they're kind of gonna bring their own thing to it. I think Millie would be very interesting just in that sort of, you know, look of things. But yeah, I, to me, it, that's one of those things that, at that point, it's gonna be based on acting, and they both can do it, so. And being biased, I mean, I guess I'm only going to base it on, I'm gonna lean, I'm leaning towards, I was for the longest time leaning towards Millie, but I think I'm being biased because I loved what she did in House of Dragon so much.

But yeah, every time, like for the past week or so, every time I saw an AI-generated, picture of, Meg Donnelly as Supergirl, I more and more I'm like, oh no, I mean, like not going just based on looks, I'm, I would like the best person who fits the way the character was written, looks wise, and the appearance of Supergirl. They both are kind of, they can both be wonderful in that. So, that doesn't play a factor in it, to me at this point. It's going to be acting, and only because, like you've said, we kind of have a bias towards Millie, right? That's why I'm leaning towards Millie, that's the only reason I could make that decision. But here's the other thing that I also, remember about, about Meg. She is currently Supergirl right now in, on the cartoon side of it, on all the DC movies, film animated. So, she's technically the voice of Supergirl right now. And the fact that she is that good of an act because she has, she has some, some, some creds. I mean, she's currently in, I believe these Disney shows, like, was it the zombie comedy series, I believe, and some other things. She's so, it's not like she hasn't done anything. She has, she doesn't, she has more than just voice acting cred. But I believe that's also what James Gunn was probably looking at. Not only is she, but she fits the role the way that character's been written, and she's crushing it in these auditions.

It's probably why she keeps getting these callbacks. But being the fact that she's the voice technically of the character too, could probably, she technically has more experience with the character. So, I'm sure that's probably why she's, she's probably crushing it. So, I'm okay with either choice. I think they both, yeah, would be great. I would be happy to see, Millie continue with something else. But at the same time, if they, if they pick, Meg, hey, it, it would make sense. She's the voice. And it would kind of, it would, I keep it in the family, you know, kind of a thing, you know? So, I don't know. That's just my two cents. I don't know. I think we're both agreeing on that. We know that's what, whichever, I think it would be great. They both look good. I mean, as far as talent-wise, probably, not, not, I mean, but yeah, they're physically appealing too. Is Joy still here? No? Okay. No. All right, guys. Let us know what you guys think about it, you're always, you're always catching me, getting in trouble, like.


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