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Jon Stewart Returning To The Daily Show

Coming in from Variety, did you hear about John Stewart coming back to The Daily Show? Are you a fan of The Daily Show? I don't watch it regularly, but I do love the show. I enjoyed it more with John Stewart, but when Trevor Noah took over, it was great too. Then when he left, I thought Hasan Minhaj would take over, but there was a controversy with him. Now, John Stewart is returning, and I think it's because the revenue and advertisement for the show dropped significantly. It seems like Comedy Central desperately wants him back.

I can see it as a strategic move. You need a heavy hitter after Trevor Noah to manage the show's elevated comedic news aspect. Bringing back John Stewart sets the tone again and creates excitement. I'm always excited to see what he puts together. Plus, there will still be a plethora of celebrity guest hosts, like Sarah Silverman and Michelle Wolf. I have no issues with John Stewart's return and am looking forward to seeing the show thrive once again.

It's only Monday, so there's plenty to look forward to. The show will continue to have guest hosts, and I personally enjoy weird personalities like Michelle Wolf. She's funny and definitely a bit of a weirdo. I have a little crush on her because I like people who are unique and different. Weirdness is something I dig, and Michelle Wolf definitely fits that description.


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