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Why Is There A Rise In Stage Attacks?

In 2023, we have seen at least four reports of audience attendees either throwing objects or rushing the stage during concerts in an attempt to injure the performers they've paid to see. The question is, why is there a rise in stage attacks on music performers? That is a good question, babe. Why is there? Because people are nut jobs. I've been, uh, people are, as Charlotte Dobre says people are delulu, the Lulu the Dale. Just recently, I saw this morning when I was putting the show together, I saw Adele, uh, give a little quick brief on that. It's like, you can try that if you want to. She warned her audience, do it if you want to. It's basically what she said, do it if you want to. But, um, yeah, that was fun. I mean, I don't, I don't get it. The guy who hit Bebe Rexha was just like, "I just want to see, I just want to see what happened." Yeah, they will F around and find out because they will.

They will find you and they will find you. People just want to do it now just to do it, just to be, just for, to try to be funny. And it's like, no, okay, so since now it's starting to happen, you know, it all, but pretty much almost, I wouldn't say it happens all the time. There's probably way more concerts where it doesn't happen than it does. And that's probably, maybe the number is still normal at the normal pace. But I feel like with social media into it and with clicks and things and people wanting to be all popular and stuff, there's going to be a rise on it. So I think the punishment of it should be increased harsh. If you people really start doing stupid stuff like this, change the way they perform. Meaning, yeah, the mosh, big old glass, the people that you know, the tickets that you got to pay extra for so that you could be on like, oh yeah, oh yeah, they're going to be more expensive. Well, that's going to disappear.

They're not even going to let people get down that close, right? They're going to just be like front row, front row is going to be nosebleed, yeah, way back, yeah. And then you're going to be mad, where's the food? I can't see him. Well, then y'all shouldn't have been acting stupid, no. Yeah, you're right, I agree. I didn't even think about it that way, but you're right. It's, it makes no damn sense why people are doing, we were just talking about that earlier. How people are doing the most dumbest things just to go viral. We saw a dude put a firecracker in his mouth and let that wet on a cough fit for five minutes while his friend, that isn't really his friend, was like, egging them on. Not bad, bro. Like, dude, you could be drunk, I get it. They sell alcohol at these concerts. And you could have a friend just egging you on just to see you get arrested. That's not your friend. Like, I don't get why people are just dumb. But any, uh, any other theories on it? But well, before we get it, look, let's look at the latest that's kind of happened this year alone. Only a few of them. Ava Max slapped, uh, Bebe Rexha hit with a phone. Pink, I put this on the list because it's just weird. Given ashes, a woman threw her mother's ashes up on stage. Pink responded with, I don't know how to feel about this and just left it there on the stage. And then the last one was Lil Nas X. Recently, a double dildo damage was thrown to his response to it was funny. The tale as old as time, way back, I mean, some of this stuff's not new.

People have been throwing underwear. Oh yeah, see, whatever happened to good old, his name, uh, Tom Jones, yeah. Oh, what's up, pussycat, man? Yeah, he's been getting underwear thrown on stage since the 70s. But underwear is not knocking people out and, oh, it depends, it depends on how fishy he gets. What's that? Um, people have always, I mean, it's not new, roses, you know, like fake roses. Yeah, yeah, now that was always appreciated by the performers. They were never trying to hit the performer. It was meant to be on stage. Like now people are going to hide bricks and bouquets so that they could collect their gift. Yeah, yeah. Um, yeah, but you know, but you're 100% right. I think the price is going to increase on the ground floor or if an org, they're going to get pushed back for the same price increased price because it's a safety hazard. Now it's just, it's just going, it's like when a cop violates somebody's rights and the victim sues the police officer or the station for what happened, you're not really suing the police. You're suing the city and it comes out of everybody's taxes. Everybody's going to pay for that. And people don't realize that. Like people got to get themselves under control. What's up? Well, what's up, big girl? I see you. I see you there, but guys, let us know what you guys think about the, recently I think I surprised you with that. You, you didn't know about the, did you know about the little Nas X one? Did you know about what Adele recently said?

Yeah, but it's not, it doesn't surprise me that Adele's saying that. Doesn't surprise me because she's very, she's very down. Like she's, she's a sister. Now she's one of those that'll be like, yeah, she'd be neck rolling. Please do wrap around and find out. Go ahead. Let us know what you guys think about that. Babe, what's the next topic from There is a rumor that Channing Tatum may return as Gambit in the MCU. Good day and sayonara. Peace. Hey guys, thanks for watching this video. I really do appreciate it. Hit the subscribe button, like and comment your thoughts on this topic or any topics that you think that we should talk about in upcoming videos. Also, you can follow us at t3medias on Instagram, Twitch, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and we also have a t3media studios podcast where we post our movie reviews and episodes of The Rundown. Until next time, guys.


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