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Why Did MrBeast Gets Backlash For Curing Blind People?

From The Insider - YouTuber MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, defends himself after a video in which he said he was 'curing' 1,000 blind people divided viewers. MrBeast, the world's biggest YouTuber, responded to online criticism after a video where he paid for 1,000 people to access eye surgery sparked criticism among some viewers. WHAT DOES EVERYONE, INCLUDING YOU ALL WATCHING, THINK ABOUT THE HATE MR. BEAST IS RECEIVING HATE FOR THIS ACT?

Let's talk about some of the criticisms he was receiving

[graphic 1c] From @mkultra2trappy - he is literally the antichrist. he's performing our society's equivalent of miracles through these excessive acts of faux generosity and is garnering everyone's undivided love and admiration in doing so. he will start subverting christs teachings next and preaching selfish action jake @BestTweeterr: he gonna cure the lepers next.


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