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TikTok's Aunt Karen Speaks The Truth About Khaby Lame & Charli D'Amelio

Another Black History month has come and gone. It was only fitting that Denise Bradley aka AuntKaren0 closed off the month with a truth bomb. Basically, when a black woman looks you dead in the eye and says "I ain't the one" you know someone did something.

It all started when another Tiktoker @thefitnessagent (James) called out Aunt Karen, Rx0rcist and others for not focusing on a serious sexual assault cause that he is extremely passionate about (go to @thefitnessagent to catch up). Going as far as to tag them and direct message them repeatedly for support then today go on to make a post saying that Aunt Karen and RX0rcist, as well as other popular justice warriors like them, do not care about the cause he wanted their help with. This led to a co-signing by an ally of his named Adam Wright who then attack Denise with an extremely insulting comment after going to RX with kiddy gloves and understanding.

What outrages black people the most is how they manage to segregate how they approached a white person for help gracefully from how they will come at a black woman viciously. Both Adam & James misrepresented themselves completely and stepped into a mess that they were not expecting. It was the complete entitled way they demand that RX and Karen stop whatever they were doing and uplift these fitness Tiktokers in order to promote the cause they wanted attention on immediately. Rx made sure to inform them that she had a good reason for not dropping everything she was dealing with to acknowledge them. For personal reasons of her own dealing with sexual assaults in her own life. This prompted immediate backpedaling and comment deleting but not before a few posts where they (Adam & James) seemed to double down on some of the things they were accusing RX and Karen of.

Later in the night, Aunt Karen took to her live stream and addressed the moment. We have recorded the final five minutes of the talk but what was refreshing was the clinic that Karen gave asking James & Adam (and all of entitled TikTok) why wouldn't they go to the top of TikTok and ask for help with the cause they are fighting? Why not people like Charli D'Amelio, a person who has made a living off the talents of black content creators and who would have tons upon tons more influence to further the cause. Something I've addressed on my platform but today, AuntKaren coined perfectly with her this closing statement.

"The people who are most uplifted on this app don't do a damn thing but you want our help. What I'm saying is, yall uplift the wrong people on this help and it shows when yall need the help. That's the point. The wrong people get uplifted on this app and when the help is needed it shows. Cause yall don't go to the people yall follow and that's just what it is. Yall figure it out. You can call it whatever you want. I'm bitter. I'm tired of seeing black people not get what we need to get. Hell yeah, I'm bitter. why wouldn't I be? when I see black people struggling. I see a black person who could have made a ton of money on this app. Who reaches more followers than Charlie D'Amelio and he's (Khaby Lame) not getting half the sponsors. Tell me you see him get any sponsorships like she does. Hell yeah, I'm bitter. He does all that funny content and doesn't get half. Not worth none of the money she's worth, yall don't want to talk about that. no. it's just as simple as that. I'm sure she does have their own show. reach out to her. Dixie trying to sing. she can't sing. I'm exhausted. It's ridiculous."

AuntKaren is 100% correct. Influence is disproportionately distributed from the white content creators than black content creators and people like Jame & Adam expect more from people like Aunt Karen or RX0rcist and then imply that if they do not then they should be shamed. Treating hard-working advocates like low-hanging fruit to be used and dismissed once they got what they wanted. Not today. I encourage you all to go do RX and Karen's pages and catch up on this. Watch the snippet from the live stream and share your thoughts on this and what AuntKaren has to say about the system that Tikok and certain Tiktokers are benefiting from off the backs of game-changers like RX0rcist and AuntKaren.


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