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The Strangers: Chapter One Could Be D.O.A. With Disastrous Reviews | AFTER DARK | Ep. 299

We are thrilled to announce that episode 299 of our podcast, Talking Through The Medias After Dark, will be diving into some controversial and intriguing topics that have been making waves in the entertainment world. One of the main subjects of discussion will be Toni Collette's performance in the horror film "Hereditary" and the chilling scene involving that infamous kid with a disturbing expression on his face. Was Collette's portrayal spot-on, or did it miss the mark?

In addition to the analysis of "Hereditary," our panel will also be discussing the latest casting news from Screenrant, which reports that Ella Purnell has been cast in a killer squirrel horror movie following the success of her role in the hit series "Fallout" on Prime. How will she fare in this new genre, and what can we expect from the film?

Another topic on the agenda is the exciting news from Bloody Disgusting about Horror Inc.'s plans to revamp the iconic "Friday the 13th" franchise with a new era called the 'Jason Universe.' With a fresh perspective and approach, could this be the revival that fans have been waiting for?

Lastly, we will be reviewing the prequel trilogy for the "Strangers" film series, particularly focusing on the disastrous launch of The Strangers Chapter 1, which received a dismal 14% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Is this franchise doomed to fail, or is there still hope for redemption? Join us for an in-depth discussion on these topics and more in episode 299 of Talking Through The Medias After Dark.


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