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Ted Cruz Returns From Cancun Mexico To Texas After Backlash - Ep. 173

#TedCruz#T3Medias Ted Cruz going to Mexico during the snowstorm and coming back early.

For the Comment Section segment.

For Keeping It Trill To t3medias - From Adeline Belle I was asked out by 2 men on Valentine's days. And I am trying to figure out who to go out with. 1 guy has a lot of money and he is very successful but kind of Pretentious so going out with him is a lot of energy but he buys me nice things. Well I know I'll get a really good Valentine's Day present come him if I go to dinner. On the other hand, the other guy that asked me out is a guy I work with. I always thought he was attractive so that's not a problem, he's nice we're friends and he seems to have his stuff together but I'm worried that if I go out with him that if it doesn't work out I have to see him every day. But also if I turn him down I have to see him every day and I don't want it to be awkward if I reject him. What should I do??


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