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Peacemaker & Boba Fett | Thursday TV Talk | Review News

"Monkey Dory"

Rosemary Rodriguez

Auggie proves his innocence to Song and Fitzgibbon and pins the crime on Smith, leading to Song conducting her own investigation. Murn briefs the team on the Butterflies, and sends them to a nearby bottling factory to find out more details, while he enlists the help of an associate, Caspar Locke, to resolve Auggie's situation. Smith and the team arrive at the factory, where all of the employees are discovered to be Butterflies, including a gorilla named Charlie.

"Chapter 5: Return of the Mandalorian"

Bryce Dallas Howard

After Din Djarin tracks and kills a bounty, he delivers the bounty's head for directions to a Mandalorian hideout. There, he finds the Armorer and Paz Vizsla, survivors of their tribe of Mandalorian warriors, who inspect the Darksaber that he won from Moff Gideon.[b] The Armorer explains that whoever wins the Darksaber in combat can become the ruler of Mandalore, though their civilization was destroyed by the Empire.



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