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Ep. #212 | Boba Fett Release Date | Interview With Murisa Harba

1. We Got Your Mail


Round 1

10 categories are picked for both contestants at random before the match.

Both players are given the question from each category

To score a point contestants must write the answer on their personal dry erase/chalk board

You are given 15 seconds to write their answer

After 15 seconds player must show their answer for an opportunity to gain a point & say their answer

Each correct answer earns one point (correct spelling not necessary)

Round 2

There are 8 questions (4 categories) each question worth 2 points

Before the round the player in lead (higher ranked if tied) spins a Wheel with 4 choices

Choice 1 spinner picks all 4 categories

Choice 2 spinner pick 3 opponent picks 1

Choice 3 spinner picks half opponent picks half

Choice 4 opponent picks all

You get your 2 questions from each category selected.

Round 3 – Degree of Separation (Connect The Dots Round)

First list of names. How are these names connected? Name of movie that links the names given. There can be more than one answer.

There will be a 2 points, 4 point, and a 6 point question.

Final Round:

Opponents write down the number of points they want to wager.

Both are given the same question to write down the answer and wager on a board.

You are given 10 seconds to write down the number to wager

30 seconds to write down the answer after the question is given.

And they have to write their answer on the board just like Jeopardy and what they bet before the answer is given

3. The Book Of Boba Fett

#Disney+ revealed on Wednesday that its latest Star Wars spinoff series, The Book of #BobaFett, will premiere on the streamer on December 29.

PICTURE 3 topic R Disney brass has said there would be around 10 Star Wars series bound for the streamer, which has already announced Star Wars spinoffs The Rangers of the New Republic and Ahsoka Tano, the latter based on the Clone Wars cartoon character that was brought to life by Rosario Dawson on The Mandalorian.

4. From Highschool To Hollywood with Murisa Harba


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