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More Ezra Miller Drama! When Will Warner Brothers Recast The Flash?

More drama from Ezra Miller. It feels never-ending at this point. What are your thoughts? What should Warner Brothers Do? With Ezra Miller continuing to have allegations against them and Warner Brothers saying nothing, tell us what you believe is likely to happen based on what has been going on with this whole situation. No, we are not predicting anything nor do we want anyone to get hurt. We want Ezra to get the help they need but we also want their victims to get the justice they seek.

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What Is Likely To Happen Next With Ezra Miller If This Continues?

  • Ezra may injure someone else (or worse)

  • Ezra could hurt themself (or worse)

  • Ezra will go to rehab & Warner Bros will forgive

  • Warner Brothers Will Stay Quiet & Release Flash On HBO Max


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