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Hugh Jackman In Deadpool 3: We Have Questions

The internet blew up when Ryan Renold released a video where he apologized to the fans that there was no Deadpool presence at D23 and no updates for the upcoming film by featuring his friend Hugh Jackman walking in the background and casually answering yes to "Will you return as Wolverine in Deadpool 3". This shockwave of news gave the world of geekiness a major holy shit moment. Now that Tiktok and Twitter are going nuts right now, we'll be doing our next #rundownrush on this topic Wednesday morning. Check youtube for the exact time.

Here are some of the questions we want to answer.

Will Wolverine where the yellow and blue?

The closest we ever got was a reveal of the classic fit in the second Wolverine solo movie but Jackmon never put the costume on. We hope that Deadpool will finally give us what we've been begging for and have Hugh dawn the yellow and blue.

Will the film begin with the original 20th Century Fox intro?

I seriously doubt it, I mean, 20th Century Studios is still a thing but now that Disney owns the company they would likely be making a statement much like with the Lucas Films also not beginning with the original intro. Unless 20th-century Studio is tasked to lead the project there is a slight chance that Disney will allow it anyways just to announce that this is the last

of the Marvel Fox projects and Deadpool is officially moving on to the MCU. If the intro is not featured then that, to me, is the further statement that Deadpool is now MCU and not looking backward to Fox, unless he's going to crack a joke about the buyout. Which is a 98% possibility.

Will Deadpool Time Travel to get Wolverine?

One of the ways Deadpool could hop around to different universes is by time-traveling and changing timelines. This could be how Wolverine or a variant returns. It could also introduce the AVA.

Does this officially introduce X-Men?

Since we had a version of Charles Xavier in Multiverse of Madness it is likely we're not getting the MCU proper X-Men but just variant or the Fox Versions of old X-Men. I do not believe we're getting any hints to any of the MCU versions till after Deadpool but if Deadpool is what officially brings in the X-Men that would be funny. I always thought it would be a great idea if the Fox/Marvel Universe were in danger and Deadpool has to find a way to escape to the MCU in order to survive. If the only way to be the sole survivor of Fox and make it to Universe 616 is to fight and kill his way to victory, my money is on the Merk with The Mouth.


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