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Going Back To The Theater?

Hey there! It's been a minute. I've been busy trying to be a fantastic online science teacher. It's harder than you think. I'd been doing 8 to 10 thousand steps a day and now I am sitting at what was my dinner table, feeling my ankles swelling, staring at a Logitech camera for an hour a day, hoping that a random student will pop in my conference so that I can be fabulous. Damn 'rona won't let me be fabulous at school. Speaking of school and other public places, would you go back?

I received an invitation from Studio Movie Grill. When I first glanced at it I thought that they had lost their everlovin' mind! When I actually read it I realized that they were trying to stay afloat by having people pick up their favorite treats for dinner and for that, I am not mad at them. I miss sitting in a dark theater with chocolate beignets on my tray and a fluffy movie blanket pulled up to my neck. I miss being entertained by the latest Sci-Fi movie and talking about it endlessly with my friends. I miss a lot but I think I like living more.

When I first saw this I thought, "Damn, it's literally the Walking Dead". These people are not fit to have the freedoms they are screaming about. They have forgotten that their parents went to war right out of high school to secure these red-faced folks right to throw their lives away. Seriously, their choice for president said today that health care worker are running into death like soldiers run into bullets. What in the entire HELL? The soldiers that I know of did not run into bullets, they were inserted from opposing forces against their will. No one wants to get shot at but people did it for the greater good, something that these me-myself-I people seem to know nothing about.

As a science lover I know what is about to happen, their stubbornness is going to give this virus new life and worse that that, it will give it more chances to mutate so that when a vaccine is ready it might not work on the current version. Think of the flu shot. You can have the shot for type A but actually contract type B. The stupid is so strong, so much so that I am having a hard time caring if they die in the streets except that it makes a greater health hazard. The longer they rage the longer it will be until I can get back into a movie theater and watch the latest flick. Folks screaming about being told what to do. Sit down Karen, you have only been in my shoes for 2 months. I guess they don't understand that you can get over broke but dead, not so much. Your privilege is showing and it ain't pretty.


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