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Episode 206 - Venom 2: Opens Early After Shang-Chi Box Office Success

Shang-Chi Spoiler Talk

2. Variety:‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage’ Will Open in Theaters Earlier Than Expected. The date moved up two weeks in Wake of ‘Shang-Chi’ Box Office Success. In a surprise move, the comic book adaptation, starring Tom Hardy as the journalist turned alien symbiote, will debut in theaters earlier than expected on Oct. 1.

The D'Amelio Show

TV14 • Reality • TV Series • 2021

From relative obscurity and seemingly normal life to being thrust into the Hollywood limelight almost overnight, the D’Amelios are faced with new challenges and opportunities they could not have imagined. Charli, who at 16 became one of the biggest celebrities with over 150 million followers combined and #1 on the TikTok platform in less than a year, has the world at her fingertips and is working to balance fame and family life with dancing, relationships, making new friends in LA and battling the haters online. Her sister, Dixie, now 19, is experiencing her own sudden rise to fame with over 80 million followers combined, and an exploding music career. For mom Heidi and dad Marc, raising teenagers is hard enough before adding a cross-country move, supporting their daughters’ dreams, and doing the best they can to stay close and protect their girls from the dark side of fame, while also trying to adjust to life in Hollywood.

Michael K. Williams, the actor who brought a hard-edge charisma to his portrayal of Omar Little, the sawed-off-shotgun-wielding stickup man on the pioneering HBO series “The Wire,” was found dead on Monday in his home in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, the police said. He was 54.

Mr. Williams was found at about 2 p.m., according to the New York City Police Department. The death is being investigated as a possible drug overdose, and the city’s medical examiner will determine the cause.

Rapper 50 Cent: RePosted on IG an old beef he had with the late actor. Saying “Don’t ever try to understand me I’m different. I don’t do all the fake love shit

NBC's long-running show The Office is the latest comedy series to join the list of those to become casualties of cancel culture. That's as viewers familiar with one of America's favorite mockumentaries watching a recent Sunday marathon on Comedy Central noticed that the show's "Diversity Day" episode was omitted from the rotation.

For those of us who have admired the talents of Kristen Stewart since she was not yet even a teenager, it is a joy to be able to share that the 31-year-old’s portrayal of Princess Diana in Pablo Larrain‘s Spencer — which had its world premiere at Venice on Friday and North American premiere at Telluride on Saturday — is truly the fulfillment of her tremendous promise and will almost certainly bring her the first Oscar nomination of her career.

So there is this 17 year old girl who just sneaks out of her house to just drive. Not for a specific reason just to clear her head. When she comes back home to sneak back in her bedroom window she realizes that its now locked and she has to quietly go in through the front door. When she makes it to her room she finds that there’s someone sleeping in her bed and her room is different. She tries not to wake the intruder and she runs to her parents door. She knocks on the door and when they open it the girl says “mom dad there is someone in my room call the police. They look at her an yell “who are you and how did you get in our house”. She says mom and dad its me. They say they have no idea who she is and they’re going to call the cops if she doesn’t leave. She runs out of the house in tears drives to a local police station and gives a report that there an intruder in her house and they’re forcing her parents to pretend to forget her. When she gives the police her information they think it’s a prank because there is no record of her anywhere. They tell her to leave and stop messing around and she leaves the station confused in tears and is followed by a boy who says the same thing is happening to him. He thought he was going crazy but now that he realizes he’s not the only one they have to try to figure out what’s going on.

Talk about this movie idea from this tiktoker and criticize the premise and try to figure out the likely ending.

(Amanda Please Read) AITA for accidentally upsetting my niece by saying her mom's life would be better if she wasn't born? To summarize, I (32F) got into an argument over something ridiculous and now everyone's mad at me.

When my sister (26F) was 17, she got pregnant and had a baby girl. Obviously since she was young, she wasn't exactly ready to raise a kid, but my family did the best we could to help her out. She currently has a stable job and is living with her child and the child's father in their own apartment. The issue is that since she had the baby so young, she never got to really experience her life. I'm childfree and am always enjoying new life experiences and I know my sister is jealous of me for it.

The other day I came over for her daughter's birthday party and we were talking about her as a baby. At one point we started to argue about how she was raised and I said, "Don't you ever think your life would've been better if she had never been born?" It turns out her daughter was in earshot of this so she heard everything and got really upset. My sister got defensive and said that her child was the best thing to ever happen to her, called me an AH, and kicked me out of the party. She blocked my number and won't talk to me at all now.

My mom is saying I should apologize but my dad agrees with me on this, and says my sister was overreacting. Maybe I was a bit too aggressive when I said it but I know what I said is true. AITA for what I did?


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