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Shang-Chi Is One Of Marvels Best Origin Stories

I recommend this movie I did not think that this movie would creep into my top five for origin but it was one of the best origins uh stories that MCU has ever done. The chemistry between the cast, especially Awkwafina and Simu Liu. More than just an action film but at times a ballet of martial arts wrapped in a visual masterpiece that pushes the limits of the genre. Going to a theater to see this film may not be big enough to contain the Epicness of what this film delivers. The juice is most definitely worth the squeeze.

My friends and I saw Shang-Chi last night. We were invited to a screening in Houston, and it was amazing. Now I’m not going to spoil anything, but I am going to talk a little bit about the movie so we're going to later maybe on a live show. we're going to get into a spoiler conversation about it later I’m going to give everybody some time to see it so what I decided to do instead of that was doing a top five of my favorite MCU origin stories Shang-Chi is ranked in there. If you’ve seen what I’ve posted on social media, you know that I like this movie and I like this movie's father and the son dynamic. It hit me hard because I’m a father myself and I cannot wait to show this to my children and get their experience of what they are going to take into it. I got the feels from it

Yes, it was action-packed. Yes, it was funny. It kicked butt Shang-chi is a leader. he is a leader in my mind he's up there like the way I feel about T'Challa this dude is a Bonafede leader. So I loved him right from the get-go. It wasn't lost on me that it was like a traditional Disney royal raised by a single father king and after losing their mother and going on a journey of self-discovery, Shang-Chi is a Disney prince.

Shang-Chi just like Thor, the dynamics between the father and the son the struggles but unlike Thor, it wasn't about him not being worthy. it was about not wanting to be like your father. this image that your father wants to force in you. I struggle with this uh myself as a black man. We want to raise our kids in the way we were raised, in our image, or the way we see fit. But we’ve got to understand that our kids become their own men and women. They grow up and they have to choose their path. The whole thing about family and wanting to raise your children to be strong to be leaders to be great and one thing that wasn't lost on me the struggle with the siblings the struggle with the mother and the father, as beautiful as it was, there was a great love story here but it was more about family and the balance of all the issues of relationships between parents to children and children coming into their own as adults. There are a lot of layers here but overall, kick-ass fun and funny moments that will make you laugh out loud.


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