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Ep. 145 The Powerpuff Girls Live Show On The CW

1. Netflix News: The streaming giant has launched a worldwide test of “Shuffle Play,” a feature for indecisive subscribers that starts streaming a random title based on their viewing history or playlists. “The purpose of the test is to make it easier for members to find something to watch,” a Netflix spokesperson said. The company plans to use the findings from the test to eventually roll out a “shuffle” feature permanently on Netflix: “The hope is to absolutely productize something,” the rep said. The titles served up by Netflix when you hit “Shuffle Play” will be either shows or movies similar to ones you’ve watched previously; titles in genres you’ve viewed; or content you have saved in the “My List” section.

2. Kate McKinnon will lead a series about Carole Baskin and the “Tiger King” Joe Exotic. The limited series, currently titled “Joe Exotic,” is now set to air on NBC, Peacock, and USA Network. Based on the Wondery Podcast of the same name, the show centers on Carole Baskin (McKinnon), a big cat enthusiast, who learns that fellow exotic animal lover Joe “Exotic” is breeding and using his big cats for profit. She sets out to shut down his venture, inciting a quickly escalating rivalry.

3. “The Powerpuff Girls” could soon fly again. Variety has learned that a live-action version of the classic Cartoon Network series is in development at The CW. In the updated version of the series, the titular superheroes are now disillusioned twentysomethings who resent having lost their childhood to crime-fighting. Will they agree to reunite now that the world needs them more than ever?


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