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Binge-worthy Season One Review Of Avatar: The Last Airbender On Netflix

I just got through finishing, I just finished Avatar. I watched the whole eight episodes. I had to do, I had to do yeah I had to do that I had to after the first four episodes cuz each episode was like an hour-long yeah I had to start watching it in double time I had to. I watched it in 1.25 is the the most that they would give us but yeah I won't.

I mean if you know the animated series it's pretty almost exactly 100% like the animated series but they took a lot of liberties and I won't go through everything. I did write myself a bunch of notes, oh my God we don't have time I can't. No, this is, these are my notes for the blog so you can you want to read my review? I gave my little quick notes for everything each episode read quickly. But I will give you my grade like for I'll tell you like this this is the order of from greatest to worst.

I said episode 4 was my favorite which dealt with, it was a more emotional episode. The character who plays Prince Zuko, if you don't know what Avatar is Avatar is a boy who, in a world where all these different nations have different abilities some people control water, air, fire, and Earth. There's an avatar who can control all the elements and when an avatar dies he's reincarnated into another tribe.

So a person from the water tribe will be the Avatar then the person from the air tribe then the Fire Nation or every time an avatar dies he's reincarnated in the next group of people. This time he was from the air temple, the air people had the Avatar so the Fire Nation since they wanted to take over the world decided to attack all the nations and take over. They decided to attack all the air vendors and try to kill the Avatar and they succeeded in getting rid of the Avatar. The Avatar disappears for over 100 years and he comes back to save the world blah blah blah that's the quick synopsis.

If you guys know the Avatar you guys know it if you've only seen the Avatar from the M Knight Shamalan movie I'm sorry please go back and watch the animated it's far superior. Now I'm hearing that there are mixed reviews about this new version of it. I can see where people are coming from. Most people are like they expected it to be better than M. Night Shyamalan's version but they also seem to want it to be 100% like the cartoon which makes no damn sense. People are supposed to take liberties on these types of adaptations so I was happy with a lot of the liberties that it took. I felt like we got more of a story that we didn't get but when I was watching this cartoon I noticed that things were happening where I felt like okay this is going to be a situation where like those you know how people kind of get when you read a book and then it becomes a movie people are like well that didn't happen in the movie or that's not what I envisioned in the movie or you didn't do exactly what happened in the book and this adaptation is not quote-unquote right.

I think people are judging this series too harshly because they're trying to make it 100% like the cartoon and you don't want to do that. I mean if you just want to watch the damn cartoon again just go back and watch the cartoon. I like the liberties that were taken, were some things done poorly yes there were some things that I felt were done poorly but were there some things that were done I felt better than the cartoon yes this series is worth a watch.

Some episodes were poorer than others but overall I'm looking at my grade there were only two out of eight episodes out of the eight episodes two that I gave a very low grade to all the rest I was like four out of five three out of five everything else other the other two out of five on average for me this was the for the series 3.5 out of five if I was going to give it three and a half stars out of five that's what it all I grade each episode individually then I averaged it and it came out to be a 3.5 out of five.

I don't know what people are going to get upset about this was fun this is a series that if you are if you were a kid or an adult who enjoyed Animated series I feel like you should enjoy it don't be I feel like you shouldn't be so snobbish about it it didn't happen 100% the way it happened in the cartoon. Then watch the cartoon if you gave me the rights to something I'm not going to do it 100% the way it was done before that doesn't make sense I'm going to add a little bit more context to some situations or some scenes. I'm going to maybe I'm going to cut some things out that didn't flow well some things can flow well in a cartoon that would make no damn sense and would not work in a live adaptation guys you got to stop being so I don't know what the word is it snobby about it snooty about it.

I don't know what's the word What's the right word for this for that for people for the people who feel like it's pretentious the right word for it I guess inflexible inflex yeah Flex yeah yeah stretch yeah do some stretches before you watch this yeah like I said the casting was great I feel like the the whole series it was fun to watch kids will enjoy it I feel like old school Avatar fans that when we were kids or we were younger to should enjoy it.

Some parts felt like I was watching a movie I was like yeah M might this is what you should have at other parts I was like ah yeah this feels very Nickelodeon at parts cuz it was the cartoon was from Nickelodeon that yeah Nickelodeon did better than that was. But it was very few for the most part five out of five four out of five three out of five and very rare that I gave it a low rating so go watch it it's fun I knocked it all out in one day very fun series. I hope that it does well I'm looking forward to chapter 2 and chapter three or book two and book three of it. I just do not want this to be another M. Night Shyamalan situation where they did the first movie it sucks so bad it's like we don't need a sequel I hope to get all three seasons out of out of this one.

I recommend it go check it out if you guys have seen it let me know whether you're passionate about if you hated it or not let me know. I want to talk to everybody who's seen it did you give it a chance did you like it or did you hate it guys I was great I was happy with it so with that out of the way remember to like this video and become a subscriber and share this really does help us out if you would like to watch more from us from T3 media Studio click here or here thanks for watching oh stop being NC 17."


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