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Is Evan Peters, Pietro, A S.W.O.R.D. Agent Undercover or Mephisto?

Spoiler Alert if you have not seen the latest episode of #WandaVision then I hope you didn't look at the picture too closely . . .

Holy Recast Doppelgangers True Believers. Okay, let's speculate the arrival of Pietro aka Quicksilver. Now at first glance when the shock first hit me I immediately went to. "Did Wanda accidentally open a portal to the Fox #Marvel universe? Could this be the real Pietro from the X-Men films now brought into the MCU?"

Think about what this could mean. We have Spider-Man 3 coming with casting from previous versions of the hero and villains returning. We have #DrStrange In To The Multiverse of Madness. There could be a wormhole opening to these other Earth's. But this will obviously make more questions than giving us answers as the last three episodes have successfully done to us the viewers. For starters, if this is the Fox version of #Quicksilver does he bring all of his histories into the show and the MCU? Will he tell his brother-in-law Vision that he's been hanging with the X-Men and fighting their father Magneto?

Does he have his powers? We've seen Vision run at superspeed, for some reason, but now will we have Pietro run around town? Here's the better question, if we do see him zip around the streets of Westview what will we get, the #AgeofUltron powers or the cooler everything slowed down & set to music version from Fox.

This could be #KevinFeigi giving the fans a preview of what's to come. There have been speculations of when mutants will be introduced. What if Westview will remain a permanent doorway to another reality where the X-Men have always been this whole time. It can be a clever way to have the full history of the X-Men already in place and also explain why we have never seen it in the MCU. So will we have #Deadpool just pop up at the end of the season in a cool jokey way?

It feels that Agnus is not apart of the dilemma but I'm starting to believe if there is a bigger bad it goes through her. Look at the clues. In the trailer, she speaks to vision in a panic asking if she is dead. During awkward moments she sees the baby's become 10 years olds & asks Wanda for permission to keep the show going. I believe she is not the MCU devil known as Mephisto. I think she is being possessed by Mephisto if he is even involved. That would explain why she's okay with the weird things going on and why acknowledges Wanda being in charge. This would also be the reason why the F.B.I. doesn't have a profile on her. Either she's a past dead person dragged out of hell so Mephisto can use her human form or she just really off the grid.

Now let's logically talk about Pietro. Outside of Westview, Agent Rambeau discovers that her bulletproof vest was transformed. They speculate that if you go into the hex wearing things that fit the current narrative of the show, then it may not need much changing or alterations going in. I believe Pietro is really a S.W.O.R.D. agent in disguise. They mentioned needing a way to protect the mind going in. This person will probably be shown testing the theory. If I'm right, God helps this volunteer when Wanda discovers he's lying to her. Invoking the memory of her dead brother will be a step too far. But with S.W.O.R.D. being willing to go against the wishes of Vision and use his body to study, I think that we have found Wanda's out from being accused of becoming the next big bad in the Dr. Strange movie or just a villain entirely. If she discovered that Vision was being used then that would have pushed her over the edge.


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